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Some predictions.

David Farrar has up his 20 predictions for 2020 — which is worth looking at is it is how the elite think. David was (and probably is) the main pollster used by the National Party in the last couple of elections, when the party got close to a plurality. Not quite, though… which is why […]


New Year’s Sonnet.

Herbert wrote two sonnets in 1610 to his mother. I posted sonnet one yesterday, and here is sonnet two. Sonnet II Sure Lord, there is enough in thee to dry Oceans of Ink ; for, as the Deluge did Cover the Earth, so doth thy Majesty : Each Cloud distills thy praise, and doth forbid […]


2019 Stats and administrivia.

This blog was restarted in April. I have been running three sets of statistics and avoiding Google since October. So, FWIW: noting one of these things is not like the others, and that Statcounter started again and is probably the most reliable.   Pageviews Visitors Data from NewStatsPress Dec 14832 3697 NewStatsPress total 40135 7107 […]

Lectionary music

1 January 20

I have had some painful conversations with one son. It goes something like this. Son: “I don’t want to get a job because my heart is not in it”. Me: “No, you need to work. Sitting on your bum doing nothing is very bad for you”. Son: “But I don’t like the job”. Me: “If […]