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This week in reaction.

Over the Christmas period I left the laptop at home and did what I needed to do on a cellphone or using notepaper. Family was the priority. Yes, there were blog posts on the lectionary, but these could and were scheduled. The press are looking at the decade ahead, but in the meantime Australia is […]

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On simplification.

This morning — taking some annual leave — I am going through my routine emails and unsubscribing to a lot of things. Whenever possible, I’m deleting the accounts. This list includes a lot of things I have not been using, at all. MyFitnessPal Endomondo Fitbit (the app and tracker are gone, I deleted the account, […]


3 January 20.

There are many among us who would look at the appearance of this time and hope for something better, for we do not find edification. We should consider the patriarchs. They did not have Christ, yet they looked for him: they did not have sanctification, but they sought the mercy of God. And they knew […]