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Via Adam, who comments, ye Gods. The vegan frankenfoods are bad for you. Very bad for you. The oral contraceptive pill is not appropriate for a large number of women because it increases the risk of cardiovascular events. Eating estrogen is worse for the male half of this species. Now, let’s compare the estrogen hormone […]


9 January 20

On Sunday we prayed for Australia. Yes, the fires are made worse by human hands setting them, and human regulations ensuring that there is tinder dry undergrowth for the arsonists. That is immaterial. What Australia needs is rain, and lots of it. So we prayed for that. Today it rained. Of course, the narrative is […]

Christianity Theology

Thursday Reformed.

The current fashion of seeing virtue in what we have done needs to be skewered. An angry atheist seems to understand this, and yes, I’m referring to Ricky Gervais because he reminded celebrities that they live in a bubble, and their virtue is but vanity. Calvin foreshadows this: yes, he knew his Thomist theology, and […]