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Christ gave proofs of his resurrection (17 January 2020)

Today, I quote a review of a book that Matt Briggs has read so I do not have to. The moderns do not want proof, they want to justify themselves as God. It is just us mere believers that want proof.

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This week in reaction.

The inherent tyranny of the Kiwi Left became very apparent this week. One of the people who attended the select committee about gun restrictions had a police raid. During dinner. With a four week old kid in the house. Stuart Nash sold the gun grab as removing guns “designed purely for killing people” from the […]

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Fitness Fulminations.

An anecodote from, of all places, Kiwiblog. Small changes, done consistently, matter. Please note his starting age: 75. You are never too old to improve, and as long as you are alive, be as well as you can be. I am nearly 75 and have not done any fitness work of any kind, at all, […]