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Caffeinated Reaction

The press bleats on about climate change. That the Prime Minister of Australia — who returned from his holiday because of the Christmas Bush fires is damned while the socailist Premier of Victoria, who has responsibility for bushfire prevention, remained in China for his break is rank hypocrisy. Our Prime Minister is still partying in […]

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The second Sunday after Epiphany: 19 January 2020

The season of Christmas has ended, and we are supposed to be in summer: we are wearing sweaters most mornings and evenings, for the days have been cooler than usual in Southern New Zealand. Australia could do with our showers, and we’d like a bit of their heat. The school holidays are reaching the point […]

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Sunday Sonnet.

Dropsy was heart failure: oedema of the legs, decreased walk distance, shortness of breath. Similar things would happen if you had malnutrition or endocrine disorders. Donne is observing the thirst of such, and using it as a metaphor for his desire for God: as if he was without water. He is also referring to the […]