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Weekend catchup.

Firstly, Dalrock is going inactive. I don’t link that much to him, because the fights I tend to have are more with active heretics and enemies of the faith. Besides, Dalrock, Scott and Elspeth have that corner of the argument covered. But it is sad to see an old blog go: though I pray D. […]

Lectionary music

The third Sunday of Epiphany.

God Bless the Irish Faithful. The Church of Ireland has always been a minority, and has been far more faithful as a result. I have a burden about our local mainline churches, with whom I worshiped for years, but they are pleasing the leaders of our society overmuch, who want the churches strengthened, beautiful, and […]


Sunday Sonnet

The Bride of Christ is the Church. The hatred of the Church is because the saints: the members of the church invisible, will become one, righteous, pure, holy, sanctified, and together with Christ. He waits for us. Despite the depredations of the time. Donne was writing during a century of war, particularly in Germany, but […]