Monday technical.

We are in the process of simplification. Not minimalism: that is too complicated. But being deliberate about what we keep, and what gets recycled — to the kids, to tinkerers in the family, and to the Salvation Army. It means you change habits. Most authors want a review on goodreads: that account is closed. I don’t do facebook — it used to have good local news, but not any more. And Twitter is beyond its use by date. They are actively choosing to shut down conversations.

The process of limiting how many people can see posts from a certain Twitter account is commonly referred to as “shadow banning,” and many (including the company itself) have claimed that it is simply a conspiracy theory by conservatives and that Twitter does not limit the reach of content on its platform. But now, a change to Twitter’s terms of service appears to give the social media platform the right to do exactly that. notes that a recent change to Twitter’s terms of service adds that the company “may also remove or refuse to distribute any Content on the Services, limit distribution or visibility of any Content on the service…”

Twitter does not clarify what content may be subject to “limited distribution or visibility” giving the company free rein to limit any content it sees fit.

In the meantime, linux got woke this year, and this has not meant that the project is expanding. Instead the workers are drifting elsewhere — I’ve got GhostBSD (FreeBSD plus MATE) running on on old laptop I use for blogging — which does work quite well. The main problems are that the wifi and screen are dying: the computer is old.

During 2019, the Linux kernel saw 74,754 commits, which is actually the lowest point since 2013. The 74k commits is compares to 80k commits seen in both 2017 and 2018, 77k commits in 2016, and 75k commits in both 2014 and 2015.

Besides the commit count being lower, the author count for the year is also lower. 2019 saw around 4,189 different authors to the Linux kernel, which is lower than the 4,362 in 2018 and 4,402 in 2017.

While the commit count is lower for the year, on a line count it’s about average with seeing 3,386,347 lines of new code added and 1,696,620 lines removed.

Besides Linus Torvalds, the most prolific contributors to the kernel were David S. Miller, Chris Wilson, YueHaibing, Christoph Hellwig, and Thomas Gleixner.

Onto other matters, the current implosion of streaming systems we are reacquiring DVDs. This included me acquiring (from ebay) a copy of High School Musical. Stepdaugther loves that series, and it’s not available easily over here.

If you really love a book, movie or music, have a physical copy and means to read it. The internet is slowly breaking.

A thing I’ve been hearing a lot over the past week is some version of, That’s why I still buy DVDs. Or That’s why we have videostores/libraries/Netflix-by-mail.

Physical media is one solution for making sure these movies aren’t lost to time. But a DVD sitting on someone’s shelf doesn’t solve the problem of me wanting to watch The Flamingo Kid tonight.

Finally, keep your diary in a notebook. Or planner. Take your notes with pen and paper. As the man said, you can’t hack it.