Setting up the laptop for photos.

One of the frugal things I do is avoid, as much as possible, commercial solutions. This includes working on photos: I have a second blog for that and I have for years used open source tools. I’m  reading and absorbing Dmitri Popov’s work,  which includes using simple tools to get things done. As part of this I’ve experimented with some of his tools: but for the next project I need the ability to read XQD cards and import quickly.

Firstly, I installed endeavour on my old laptop, which is an ARCH based distribution.

Then I updated it, and used the plasma system to install digikam, darktable, and rawtherapee.

Why Digikam over Shotwell? Primarily because it can do the common things better. File management is a bear, and Digikam groks NAS drives (which I need to set up and start using). My normal workflow is import then modify the RAW then transfer to GIMP for adding in signatures and final output.

The aim is to get this as lightweight as possible. Eventually, my five year old laptop will die and be replaced with a Pinebook Pro of some description: somewhat sooner, I will set up a Little Backup Box. I want to keep the processing side cheap. Because

Apple continues to release crap products nobody wants at prices nobody can afford.


Digikam and Debian are not playing very well together

From: Debian testing watch
Subject: digikam REMOVED from testing
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2019 04:39:10 +0000

FYI: The status of the digikam source package
in Debian’s testing distribution has changed.

Previous version: 4:5.9.0-1
Current version: (not in testing)
# 20190721
# temporary removal to unblock readline transition

But on the ARCH based laptop it works well, including the ability to export to rawtherapee.


The camera gear is being simplified considerably: the move to Z series Nikons as the (sole) system is now reasonable as it is supported by Digikam.

The beta version of Digikam 7.0.0 is here, with an appimage. This is being downloaded.

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Michael Tunnell
1 year ago

I need to check out digiKam more, I have dabbled in it but not that much. I think I need to play with it a bit more now. 😀