31 January 2020

There are a bunch of bloggers out there who look for a complete theoogical correctness, and a righteousness in life, that only a few ever have. Most of the great theologicans made tactical errors — at the time they thought they were doing the correct thing, but it was not. Francis Schaeffer supporting the Religious Right, and Billy Graham supporting the civil rights movement would be two times when fairly righteous and Godly men sat with men who were anything but that.
The world thought they could turn the gospel into a poltical movement, as if parliament or congress is the world and heaven.
As if we could legislate the word of God.

However, in this life we have to make allinaces with people to get things that are good done. Not all of these people are wheat.

Some are weeds.

And sometimes the weeds accuse the wheat of being just like them.

1 Timothy 5:17-24

17 The elders who rule well are to be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching. 18 For the Scripture says, “You shall not muzzle the ox while he is threshing,” and “The laborer is worthy of his wages.” 19 Do not receive an accusation against an elder except on the basis of two or three witnesses. 20 Those who continue in sin, rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning. 21 I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of His chosen angels, to maintain these principles without bias, doing nothing in a spirit of partiality. 22 Do not lay hands upon anyone too hastily and thereby share responsibility for the sins of others; keep yourself free from sin.

23 No longer drink water exclusively, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.

24 The sins of some men are quite evident, going before them to judgment; for others, their sins follow after.

KNow this, however, God will use you. If you despise him, as a warning. If you love him, as a blessing for others.