Caffeinated Reaction

The press bleats on about climate change. That the Prime Minister of Australia — who returned from his holiday because of the Christmas Bush fires is damned while the socailist Premier of Victoria, who has responsibility for bushfire prevention, remained in China for his break is rank hypocrisy.

Our Prime Minister is still partying in Australia, not visiting the fire zone. But managing Australia is not her problem: it is the problem for the Australian States. The State governments must be held to account.

I was told yesterday by the wife of a Gippsland Victoria bushfire volunteer that the massive fire that resulted from the merging of three fires could have been avoided if the CFA Headquarters bureaucrats had granted permission to volunteer units in the bushfires area to use local bulldozers to cut a firebreak.

Apparently they were told to wait and see what happens.

I wonder if this is another example of greenism, sustainability, UN Agenda 30?

The Green Death Cult is electoral poison. Avoid them, and do not be like them.

Over in the States, the left are being treacherous twats — need moar coffee: I’m censoring myself. Adam commented that the gun grabbers want to get dawn raids on the nativists: he’s right. If you can’t make a crisis, engineer one.

Looks like the New York Times lied. I’m fine with prosecuting an illegal immigrant but notice it’s the FBI doing it today, not ICE. Why didn’t the FBI inform ICE? Why did the FBI burn their access to a white nationalist server just for a deportation when letting ICE have an anonymous tip would have preserved that intelligence asset?

Because the FBI is setting the stage for Monday’s protest in Virginia. They make a racially sensitive arrest of “evil white male gun owners”, the NYT applies the proper spin and then Northam used it to declare a state of emergency.

Gunner Q

One of the reasons this is out of order (Reaction Week posts go up Friday evening) is because of the timing. The Alt Right should ghost. Stay the hell away (again, moar caffeine, censoring). There will be arrests. The Virginia Gulag needs filling.

Stacey’s more optimistic in the long term: he lacks that essential pessimism that Kiwis have, knowing they live either on a fault line or a volcano.

The Virginia Senate just passed a set of unpopular gun control laws, despite the substantial negative feedback at the county level. Stupid, futile gestures indeed. And now, peaceful, patriotic protest in the capitol is threatened by Lefty violence and a judiciary that support’s Northam’s infringement of Constitutional rights.

It would be unfortunate if busloads of Antifa weenies tried to cause trouble and tragedy ensued. While the country could hypothetically view the eternal absence of Antifa as an improvement, that’s really just an extension of the “This is why we can’t have nice things” argument.

The real problem here is due to Virginia conservatives not convincing enough voters to oust the Democrats at the ballot box.

Which brings us full circle to the impeachment fracas. This Virginia sideshow God willing, will only prove a footnote in the overall collapse of the Left’s effort to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”. Down with the Democrats, down with Antifa, down with the media.

The Other McCain

Vox notes that facial recognition is now very good, and so being around such a thing will be noted.

Being publicly recognizable is not really a concern to someone like me, since I was never given a choice about going public on the Internet or not. But it is a massive problem for the average individual, even those who have been careful to avoid social media. Sooner, rather than later, nations and their lawmakers are going to have to decide whether to embrace or reject the use of identification technology. I assume that most of them are going to embrace it, although the governments that come after the complete collapse of the neo-liberal world order may not.

Remember, Truth is how hate speech, Patriotism gets you on a watch list, and being too good gets you sacked. So support each other. This time will end in a winnowing.

He is a devout Christian, a very deep introvert, and a genuinely righteous dude. About five months back he ran into a few problems in his old job, caused by a Gamma boss. Many of you have been there and you know exactly what that’s like. The inevitable happened and our friend lost his job. He spent five long months searching for a new one and only recently started up a new gig, but that time in between cost him a lot and he could use a little help and support.

To be clear, CH has not asked me to post an appeal for him. I offered to help him privately and personally, and I have done so. I ask you as readers to do the same, if you can. Please consider donating a few bucks via PayPal to him as he gets back on his feet.

If you do, he might just be able to get around to publishing some more of his short stories.


In the meantime, the simplification is continuing as we get what we have down to the beautiful, the useful, and that which brings at least one of us happiness. Plus stuff from the family. Attend church: let your face be recorded by that enemy the state, as a witness to Christ.

But, to quote the author of the Woodpile, Stay away from crowds