Social Media is bad for you (Monday Technical).

Social Media is bad for you, and it is designed to hook you in. One of the rules we have is that we will say “screens down”. Not infrequently. People take priority, and doing things outside in the sun is better than playing games. In real life. To paraphrase Adam, if the social media mob get too much for you, go camping, and leave your cellphone at home.

Social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook and Instagram are known to cause stress in users, known as technostress from social media. However, when faced with such stress, instead of switching off or using them less, people are moving from one aspect of the social media platforms to another — escaping the causes of their stress without leaving the medium on which it originated.
Research into the habits of 444 Facebook users revealed they would switch between activities such as chatting to friends, scanning news feeds and posting updates as each began to cause stress. This leads to an increased likelihood of technology addiction, as they use the various elements of the platform over a greater timespan.
Researchers from Lancaster University, the University of Bamberg and Friedrich-Alexander Univeristät Erlangen-Nürnberg, writing in Information Systems Journal, found that users were seeking distraction and diversion within the Facebook platform as a coping mechanism for stress caused by the same platform, rather than switching off and undertaking a different activity.

I have stopped my Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Each time I’ve done so, I’m calmer and more productive. Do likewise. Yes, technical tools are useful, but they can be simple. You don’t need expensive as much as tools that are with you.

Socail media sell themselves via SEO and marketers to services you want and need: why have a church bulletin when you can have a facebook page? Or a gym notice board when you can put the news on Instagram? The answer is that you don’t want to sell your friends attention without their permission or consent.

So don’t. There is a reason I’m not posting this blog to any social media.

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Gunner Q
1 year ago

Ironic spam is ironic.

True. Deep six a few a week: that one got through