On simplification.

This morning — taking some annual leave — I am going through my routine emails and unsubscribing to a lot of things. Whenever possible, I’m deleting the accounts. This list includes a lot of things I have not been using, at all.

  • MyFitnessPal
  • Endomondo
  • Fitbit (the app and tracker are gone, I deleted the account, which required a fair amount of work)
  • Paleo Leap: we eat cheaper, better, and live in a country where things are named differently
  • Misfit (am not using trackers, particularly in the Google OS world
  • Lifesum: I don’t track macros and neither should you

While I’ve been doing this I have been stopping emails promoting a whole pile of things I don’t need more of. I have enough pens. I am in the process of selling all (and I mean all) my cameras and trading in for one system that I can fit into a backpack and take well off road or travel with.

The old gear I don’t use is being recycled. What have we done?

  • Built a glasshouse
  • Walked a fair distance most fine days
  • Visited relatives
  • Finally been able to sleep in
  • Sorted out chronic health issues

Yes, sometimes you need medical help. We hope, this year to be able to get back to the crossfit box now the health issues are almost sorted out. The fitness test this month has been moving 20 or so 25-40 kilo sacks of gravel into the glasshouse, digging the glasshouse trench, and climbing up onto the roof of the same when assembling it. (I had a rotator cuff injury two years ago,

This week, post Christmas, and setting new baseline from today, we had a -1.3 kilo change for Weka and -2.0 kilo change for Kea. Fairly good, given the season and the smoke from Australia, which is a challenge to breathe.

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1 year ago

I need to declutter my digital life as well. Sounds like you have a great framework for a productive, sane, healthier life.

Glad to hear that your health issues are getting sorted.

Happy New Year to your and your bride.

1 year ago

Sounds like good stuff! This is going to be a great year. 😀

Thinking outside the box…