The memes of reaction.

What happened in this post Markle week? We have found that woke industries go broke, unless subsidized. Which is how the BBC survives, and Red Radio in NZ. Locally, dairy farm prices are falling, which is not a good sign. The ongoing collapse into political correctness of the academy continues. We have been busy, but over the next two weeks there will be a break… I am going to where the time is measured by birdsong.
A break is good for one. But I’m not getting on a plane. Not right now.

Never follow the progressive Narrative

Do not use the tools of the progressives: protests, petitions, public assembly. The progressives know how to stifle such. Do not expect to influence them. Expect that they will plan to arrest, detain, or harass you. Charlottesville is not a place to be.

The massive “temporary flight restriction” is particularly ominous, as it would appear to be designed to prevent independent camera drones from providing a clear picture of what is happening. While there is no way of knowing what will inspire the eventual collapse of the political union, if Richmond does represent the start of the next stage of the collapse, I very much doubt anyone will be surprised.

Vox Popoli

It is worth noting that even if you disagree with the protests or petitions, you can be caught up in the consequent riots. It is a very good idea not to be where housing is dense and the population diverse. That is also part of the progressive narrative: they want their subjects contained.

The Brits worked that out well over 120 years ago in South Africa.

Stay away from crowds. Image from Gab,

Stacey McCain shared these fears. But it did not happen. The narrative was subverted.

And did you notice how much of the left-wing mainstream media went dead silent on the subject, as soon as it became clear that the protesters were basically decent, law-abiding citizens protesting legislative overreach? They wanted to blare banner headlines about racists and white nationalists – few, if any of whom made an appearance.

Via Peter Grant

Gunner notes that the police marched with the protestors, Antifa considered the Democrats fascist and supported the protestors, and that the crowd was diverse. The narrative was disproven, so… he was pleased, and the press was silent.

The Z man notes the silence, and say it is because it does not fit the narrative. He also notes that the narrative is crazy. And Bloody. The Jacobins, from Robertspierre to Mao, always want blood.

Further, the white Progressive believes in the unitary reformer. That is, the reformer is not just focused on one area of society, but the whole of society. Even if their efforts are in one area, those efforts support the whole community. A reform effort that does not promise to move the whole of society forward is of no interest. For white Progressive reformers, society is the flock and they are the shepherds. Anything that threatens their effort to guard and guide the flock must be eliminated.

It is this spatial understanding of the world that helps explain these largely symbolic attacks on the Second Amendment. In the hive mind of the white Progressive, people who own guns are outside the domain of the righteous. Therefore, they must be marginalized from society. Much in the same way they anathematized smoking, white Progressives seek to make owning a gun disqualifying. Symbolically, these measures are aimed at putting gun rights outside the whole of society.

This territorial thinking is why Charlottesville remains an important symbol for white Progressives and why Richmond will be erased from their memory. In the former, the righteous chased the threat to the flock from the field. The physical place of society was literally reclaimed by the good guys. Richmond, in contrast, was when the dark forces of society were permitted to operated unmolested. The bad guys did not win. The shepherds were forced to hide their flocks.

There is another aspect to this. White Progressives are aroused by the thought of the Charlottesville riots, because the radical mind needs violence in the same way the body needs food. While many white Progressives reformers are sincere, if deranged, others are in it for the blood. They need to terrorize and attack the enemy. In the same way the bully needs to terrorize the nerd in order to be a bully, the white radical needs the enemy of the cause in order to maintain his identity.

Therein lies the other reason why Richmond will be forgotten, while Charlottesville will be a regular story in the 2020 election. It was there that the need to terrorize the enemy of the flock was fully actualized. They not only chased the evil doers from the field; they drew blood and they had a sacrifice. Notice they always remember the fat women, who died, but not the cops. That’s because she was a blood sacrifice to the cause, while the cops that died were just collateral damage.

For the local authorites: I don’t like guns. I don’t have a gun licence. Not because of any moral qualms: in my view a gun is an essential tool for any farmer, but because living in a small village next to an academic town having such (with NZ regulations) is too much of a hassle.

And the NZ police have done their first raids, did not get a nice patsy, so the entire event, like a the day a meth head stole confiscated guns, has been memory holed.

But we remember and we will vote.

What cannot continue, will not

We have a police force that is very interested in keeping our speeds down, disarming those who submit on bills and stopping us telling migrant jokes. But not dealing with the armed gangs. The gangs know it. The migrants in Europe and here know it. But it will not continue. This is not from the alt retards: it is from my favourite statistician.

Our “migrant” in the video is the best argument for the vigilantism which must come. Non-“migrant” men won’t stand for bending over and taking it forever. If the current trends continue in the same direction—and of course they might not—non-“migrant” men will begin to act when it is safe, or safer, to do so. As the “migrants” increase in number, the elite will demand more police resources for their own protection, which will cause cracks in the surveillance state and allow old-school retribution, which will even be ignored to some extent. This so-called vigilantism must come because it is seen the state is no longer fulfilling its side of the justice agreement.

This is what BAP was talking about, perhaps, with his bands of pirates. There will come opportunities in the chaos. If trends continue.

We do not want to end up with barbarism, but since our elites are importing it, stay away from crowds, and avoid vendettas.

Lawyering Fail

You cannot set up a kangaroo court, make up charges and then take it to a court you cannot control. You cannot turn that into a circus, but the Democrats are not merely evil. They are stupid.

The Trial of the Century began Tuesday with the House Democrats arguing for subpoenas and whatnot, arguments that mainly rehashed the weeks of testimony in Adam Schiff’s House committee. Nothing new was learned, no “bombshells” were dropped, and I don’t think anyone who nodded off for a nap (as I did) missed much.

There is only so much tedium we can tolerate. Politics junkies and the D.C. press corps may enjoy The Trial of the Century, but the bottom line has not changed: Trump committed no high crimes or misdemeanors, and Mitch McConnell will bring this farce to conclusion with an acquittal.

What we are watching is the Democrats engaging in a performance staged to provide sound bites for their propagandists in the media. Like the phony “debate” staged on CNN last week, this cable-TV charade is simply part of the Democrats’ 2020 presidential campaign.

The Ladysphere

I neglected the Ladysphere over the last week or so. Kea does not want me continually looking at blog post over blog post. She wants the glasshouse finished, the house neat, and to go with walks with me. Kea is a good wife, who knows her husband gets fairly bleak, because the stupid is everywhere.

The Ladies, I note, who have put their energies into supporting their husbands and children towards godliness are calmer, way calmer, than those who see their value in virtue signalling and being woke. Meghan Markle is a warning: she has lost her status for such, forgetting that the wives of such men have always been subjects of rumours and gossip (now called the nightly news).

Adam has a post up looking at dating, and how college degrees can disqualify young women from marriage. Which leads to this meme:

Which is why being feminine matters. Kea and I saw one of the local trainers and powerlifters this week: we no longer go to that gym, and she’s aged and hardened (Kea’s words, not mine). This has never worked. Pulling Alte’s comments on this out of the way back machine —

The public image of women has hardened, and they’re now depicted as “strong and sexy”, with the imagery increasingly androgynous — even in magazines aimed primarily at heterosexual men. In fact, I often see commentary in which men who prefer feminine-looking women are called “pedophiles”, which mirrors the depiction of men who prefer their women to be housewives as “oppressors”.

We can see the difference starkly through a series of images.

Facial femininity is strongly correlated with neoteny.

In other words, feminine women have soft faces that evoke protective instincts in those who see them, just as with a small child. Feminine faces are those that we would consider “sweet” or “cute”.

Hard or well-defined faces are masculine, as their appearance is aggressive, intimidating, and dominating. This effect is most noticeable in the jawline, cheekbones, and eyebrows.

Most real-life women are a combination of the two, just as I am, with some veering more toward the feminine or masculine sides.

Alte, Traditional Christianity, 2012 Archived

Elspeth is far too generous. I would not call the woke misguided: I’d be more pungent.

However, we’ve gone so far down the rabbit hole since everyone has “woke up” that reason and appreciation for the rich complexity of language has given way to a jittery hair-trigger reaction to just about everything.

I’m halfway tempted to start calling every tightwad and stingy person I know a niggard, just to be controversial.

I won’t, and I’m black anyway, so spare me the outrage.

Hearthie on how the new age people have tried to influence the church.

Goals are the awesome. But for 2020? I have dreams, entrusted to God.

I’m not going to put those dreams on paper, though a few minutes on my pinterest would give you a hearty clue. I choose not to do that. I don’t want to cast a spell. I don’t want to “create a vision”. I rejoice in trusting my future to God. I’m excited about what He has for me (us) next. And I think that He has something better than I can imagine – so why limit Him?

I don’t like over planning. Yes, there are goals, some of which are demanded by the people who employ me. They want plans. But a fair amount of the time I’m reacting to what happens around here.

I would add that the future will always belong to the people of that time in human terms. (God is in control, but he works with each generation. Therefore motherhood and fatherhood matter. Biology remains one of those things that rule the lives of women, particularly mothers.

In 2018 1 baby in 30 was born to a mother over 40.

Not 45, 40.

By birth order, about 1 in 5 of those births were first births to mothers over 40.

Which is to say 1 baby in 167 was a first birth to a mother over 40.

Can’t beat biology.

On that note, enough for this week. The reaction may not be there over the next couple of weeks: we intend to go well out of the range of any networks, wireless, cell, or fibreoptic.

In the meantime, stay away from crowds, and do not be like the mob. Or the elite who think they control them.

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2 years ago

Quick observation from someone working inside a woke nonprofit – – they’re framing Richmond as “that time the redneck Nazis bullied everyone else into being too terrified to attend the legislature.” I’ve got the impression they intend to repeat this over and over. Or maybe – I wasn’t there — it really was scary for anyone who wasn’t a 2nd amendment supporter. Anyway, watch for that narrative.