This week in reaction.

If I don’t watch it, this blog takes over. I have a life, and life is more important. To help me with this, I now program the posting dates of almost everything (including, most days, the lectionary).

This also means that things will take a while to get out there. But this is weekly digest of the reaction, antipodean emphasis. So be it.

Though the suppression of the nefarious acts of firestarters in Australia for the sake of the current narrative sticks in my craw.

Well, this is the week when the spare decided to leave the Royal Firm before the heir kicked him out. What else has be happening?

The cycle of history

Let’s start with a history lesson, and a welcome to Chris Trotter. Chris Trotter is an old school socialist. As such, he is as woke as a rock. This makes him more of a reactionary and a member of the counter-woke than he would admit.

What he forgets to say is that central planning (combined with the EU white-anting the old imperial British food supply) almost sent NZ bankrupt.

New Zealand’s was as solid a social-democratic society as any to be found elsewhere in the world. It could not, however, withstand the sudden and enormous expansion in the quantity of labour available to global capitalism which accompanied the opening up of the People’s Republic of China and the demise of the Soviet Union and its Eastern European empire. Over the course of a single decade, what had been a sellers’ market for labour in the Western economies became a buyers’ market. Workers who valued themselves too highly saw their employers’ businesses relocated to places where the labour was cheaper – much cheaper – and trade union protections non-existent.

The economic and social consequences of globalisation in the West have been evident for some time. Not only here in New Zealand, but all across what used to be called the “First World”. Factory closures; mass lay-offs; depopulation; urban decay: these were just the start. In their wake came the social pathologies of homelessness, drug addiction, domestic violence and the pernicious expansion of organised crime. What had been proud working-class communities simply imploded. Those who could escape, got out. Those who couldn’t, rotted from the inside out.

Not that there wasn’t still a lot of work to be done in the First World. Much to the frustration of employers, however, expectations of fair reward and treatment proved to be astonishingly resilient. Once strong and proud working-class towns and cities were an unconscionably long time dying. The answer to this irksome longevity of working-class pride was the same in New Zealand as elsewhere: import workers with lower expectations.

The elite have been wanting to elect a new people for generations. Brecht was not prophetic: he was satiric.

The Solution.

After the uprising of the 17th June
The Secretary of the Writers Union
Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
Stating that the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could win it back only
By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?

Bertolt Brecht

The tribes remain, and families remain, but civilizations grow, become decadent and die. We call decadence progressivism. Yes, this theory is unfashionable, because the whiggish view of history is baked into the zeitgeist. But the whig has always supped with the devil.

Gab the Donald

Hat tip Adam.

The ultimate goal of our own political activism should thus be to secure the continued existence of our families, of our people. In Europe, particularly Central and Eastern Europe, it looks likely that our people will regain control of governments and steer away from collapse. The end of the Cold War may be the start of the outburst stage for Eastern Europe and the collapse stage for the West.

Here in the colonies, the globalist forces appear more entrenched and the immigrant foreign invasion is more advanced. The so-called “Democratic system” is rigged against us, and as was shown with the marginalisation of Fraser Anning in Australia and the deep state war against Donald Trump in America, this system will not allow any voice of the native European people to be heard.

Australia was founded in 1788, America in 1776 (and we can quibble that both were founded earlier.) That 250 year mark is coming up awfully fast.

Our strategy therefore should be to create arks, fortresses, to build strong families and communities of Real Australians (and Real Americans) so that we can stay alive and defend ourselves when civilisation collapses around us or the occupation of our countries is made a little more formal. To the extent that we focus on political action to change the zeitgeist or to even get another voice in parliament, it should be with the understanding that we are making our people aware of what stage in the life cycle of nations we are at, and to prepare accordingly.

Part of this forming alliances for mutual support. The current petri dish for this is Virginia in the USA, where the cities have said they want guns confiscated and the rural counties are saying “Hell, No”.

The Left owns all of the levers of government. So what do the people that want to keep their rights do?

Form an opposing governmental structure. Those are the Second Amendment sanctuaries. Like it or not, these declarations are the first step towards a unified governing structure that opposes the Leftist government in Virginia. For a civil war to occur, you have to have civil structures. I had expected them to form along the lines of opposing state governments.

But the societal divisions in 2019 exist more along the rural/urban divide than the old northern/southern divide. In my home state, it’s very (from a combined vote total) far Right, so my entire state would likely pitch in. Given this new circumstance in Civil War 2.0, renegade counties make sense in a state like Virginia. And despite anything the Attorney General might say, should a significant (20%?) percentage of Virginia’s population – an armed 20% of the population – decide a law isn’t valid?

The law won’t be valid.

Laws exist in the United States because we generally agree with them as a group. Does everyone agree to all laws that are on the books? Certainly not. But when there is determined opposition to a law or group of laws (marijuana legalization, illegal alien sanctuaries, Second Amendment sanctuaries) an attempt to enforce the law will nearly instantly make the government look weak, ineffectual, and illegitimate. And when that determined group takes over a legitimate arm of government?

We’re one step closer to war, and this is why I moved the clock. The Left is moving quickly, and in Virginia, I think it’s still a very dangerous game of chicken.

In the words of Uncle Remus, it is avery good time to be away from crowds.

The woke fascism

I live in a university city, and the students vote. Which has got failed ministers in charge of regional councils, and their inherent bullying started with their first meeting. Ms Hobbs has a history of this kind of behaviour, and she did not get my vote.

The more regimented approach to meetings indicated by Otago Regional Council chairwoman Marian Hobbs is drawing the ire of some of her colleagues.
As 22 groups lined up at the council’s public forum yesterday to speak on water issues, Ms Hobbs said five-minute speaking times were to be strictly enforced, and councillors were not to ask questions of the speakers.

That could be done afterwards, she said.

Cr Hillary Calvert questioned whether standing orders allowed Ms Hobbs to stop councillors from asking clarifying questions of the speakers, as is normal practice.

After checking standing orders, Ms Hobbs said questions had to be asked with the permission of the chairwoman, which she would not give.

‘‘I don’t want this to become a filibustering exercise.’’

Cr Kevin Malcolm questioned how he would do his job properly if he was not able to ask questions.

When his preface ‘‘with respect’’ was interjected with ‘‘there’s no respect’’ by Ms Hobbs, some audience members gasped.

‘‘Yes, I’m tough, people,’’ she said.

This also led to an altercation with Cr Gary Kelliher, who rejected the ruling no questions could be asked.

After the meeting he said he was disappointed in Ms Hobbs for the decision.

Jono Edwards, Otago Daily Times

This goes down really well. Spawny comments on these feminists and leftists (but I am repeating myself) — saying that they should just be left alone. Well away from the levers of power. Because their endgame is a living hell.

If given or allowed the power, the Left will ride roughshod over the “white” Constitution and accelerate the slide of the Western world into a racist left-wing tyranny. There will be resistance and repression, the greater the one the greater the other. Most of the resistance will be white male, and here’s the reason why:

Contrary to the way white men are portrayed, they are in fact world leaders in diversity of Thought. Their thought-range stretches from racist anti-white “progressive” to white supremacy. It is everything from the softest of artistic nuance to the hardest of scientific fact. It encompasses ideological lock-step and thinking objectively. And that (thinking objectively) is anathema to Feminism.

The Theological Failures

Mundabor is a good Catholic. God bless him, preserve him, and keep him for eternity. Yes, I’m reformed, but I will take an honest Papist over a compromised Presbyterian weasel any day of the week. We both know we are commanded not to judge, and we know that this world judges harshly.

The weasels, like the current Pope, are in love with the world, and attend to their irrational judgements. This is a theological failure. For this world we should despise.

Today’s post, however, is not about that, but about the stupidity of our times.

A Pope sabotages Catholicism every day for now almost seven years, and he gets one thousand passes from the liberal press, who want to be able to have their leftist hero. The theological abominations of this Pontificate are thoroughly ignored, and the holy farter received worldwide attention for….. things like stupidly criticising Trump for building a wall. In short, in almost seven years the msm never got even near to tell their audience what atrocious pope this cretin is. But let the man contravene the commandments of the religion of niceness, and the entire planet will be informed instantly.

This is, of course, entirely demented. Still, Francis deserves all the excrement that he had to eat, because he is part and parcel of that stupid, attention-seeking, platitude-spouting, nice-at-all-costs world that has now turned against him.

Francis does everything he can to impress the stupid masses. But being stupid, the masses will not make any distinction, fruit of sound reasoning, concerning a situation. Rather, they will look for the image, the gesture that goes around the world because it is so “new” to most (not to us: we know what a vulgar boor the man is) as to make instant conversation and gossip material.

Francis does not understand how it works, because, besides being arrogant, he is stupid. He has put himself in the hands of people who will tolerate countless heresies and blasphemies from him, but will not tolerate any offence against the religion of niceness.

Laura Bon continues — for she’s correct in her exegesis here.

The Bible says that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. It seams that nowadays people no more care about clinging to every word that comes out of the mouth of God. They accept any and every doctrine that is convenient to them because they still love the flesh and have not crucified the flesh.

The truth is that the human flesh, lust and cravings are the true enemies of man not Satan and not God. Satan is the enemy and adversary but you have to hand over your will and permit him to rule over you by giving him an upper hand and foothold. We are the ones that open the door of sin and judgement not God and not Satan. Satan and demons will only do what you permit them to do.

We have free will but Satan and demons do not have free will so that automatically makes man superior to them but man does not appreciate his position and wants to outdo demons in evil. So shameful. The Bible instructs us to resist the devil and he will flee.

And returning to the Aussie, the Cat has this excellent article. Pell was sent to Melbourne by a papacy who wanted him gone. This will backfire: the Church is no longer preaching the gospel but the neuroses of this age.

Fear of the mob, then, teamed with post-Mannix accommodationism and a new pope’s peculiar aversion to moral clarity have coalesced as a cultural force to muffle, if not silence outright, the voice of Catholicism in the agoras and opinion arenas of Australian society. The argument from the Netherlands, 1942 – that to protect the faithful perhaps shepherds should think twice about condemning the Nazis – is frighteningly apposite in, say, Victoria but believers there are not being taken away to be killed – not summarily, anyway.

One has been taken away, however, to a literally torturous – some say internationally illegal – incarceration. That he – George Pell – was defamed, calumniated, pilloried, spat upon, hounded, set up and tormented are facts that cannot be denied. The bishops owe no respect to a notoriously corrupt state or its venal media proxies and should have said far more in defence of their brother than they did. They are ensnared in complex cultural circumstances, that’s true, but no more so than Mannix was. Students of Polish history might like to argue that Cardinal Wyszyński was no hot-head and came to a modus vivendi with authorities to protect Catholic culture despite his own imprisonment. The big difference is he did so knowing the faith of Poles was unassailable; a few concessions to make the communists feel strong was a price worth paying. The near opposite situation obtains in Australia where statism is unassailable. Here, a nomenklatura deigns to dole out a few privileges believing its triumph in culture is irreversible. The thing to remember is that modern society hates the Church; playing nice with haters by trying to sacralise their manias (like climate change) won’t change that. Just take hatred as read, speak the truth and punch on. For Christians today, every day is Boxing Day.

If we do not abide in Christ, he will not abide in us. And without Christ, we are nothing and can do nothing.

The Ladysphere

I’m a bloke, and don’t enjoy the anecdotes as much as the other half of the species does. If a woman, read Elspeth. She’s wise. Particularly here.

High self esteem is bad for you.

My parents weren’t given to over-praising us, and it’s for sure and certain that our kids won’t say we overpraised them. But despite this, I was showered with flattery from outsiders for doing what should have been expected of me as a matter of course. And people often praise our girls (or me and SAM) simply because they aren’t openly rebellious terrors.

Gibbs is right that when kids are overpraised, especially as stellar Christians, it’s problematic. They’ll also be prone to hiding and covering sins that they might otherwise have confessed and gotten free from. Lavish praise induces a fear that perfects the art of camouflage.

And she neatly hits one of the reasons I’m anonymous. I want to continue to earn money, and do my job.

It was funny at bits, and I think he showed a fair amount of sanity and intellectual honesty in a room full of ignorant, self-righteous hypocrites. It doesn’t make Gervais a friend of conservative perspectives. It makes him a guy who isn’t completely bat-spit-crazy, which is actually saying something, in this, the year of our Lord 2020.

This wasn’t about conservatives, though, not even close. It’s about that comedians, in particular, understand the inherent issues that crop up when you start censoring their ability to just let loose and do their work. This means that they get that if they can’t offend anyone ever, they’ll soon be out of a job.

And it doesn’t hurt that Gervais, along with Chapelle (who actually IS a sharp-minded comic) and Seinfeld, have all made millions via Netflix, which established itself outside the legacy Hollywood matrix.

In other words, their kids aren’t going to have to un-enroll from their swanky private schools if they offend the wrong people the way Dr. Eggshell Walker, the Sunday school teaching physician, would have to if he happens to offend the wrong person at work.

Can confirm. The left will deplatform, and it’s only people who have enough money to cope without employment who can say these things without risk. Gervais is currently ignoring ten minutes of hate: he sees it as good promotion.