Weekend catchup.

Firstly, Dalrock is going inactive. I don’t link that much to him, because the fights I tend to have are more with active heretics and enemies of the faith. Besides, Dalrock, Scott and Elspeth have that corner of the argument covered.

But it is sad to see an old blog go: though I pray D. gets more richness in his life away from the keyboard.

I’ve decided that it is time to shut down the blog. I don’t have a detailed explanation to share as to why I’ve decided this, aside from the fact that I think it is time.

I’ve been blogging for just under ten years, and want to thank my readers for their prayers, words of encouragement, and what they have taught me. I can’t say for certain what the future holds, but at present I don’t have any plans to return.

Adam says it well. My interactions with churchian trolls and wormtounges are exhausting: eventually the banhammer becomes far too familiar.

Whether it is due to him running out of subjects to write about or simply because he’s sick of dealing with trolls, I cannot say. It could be either of these reasons or something else entirely. But whatever the reason, he gave us a solid 10 years of exemplary writing, which he is going to leave up as an online resource, at least for now. Personally I think that he should put out a book of his best work. Hell, even his mediocre work would be just fine.

So this week is dedicated to you, Dalrock old chum. May your retirement from this corner of the internet be full and satisfying. Just don’t make the mistake of finding some other corner of the internet. I mean you don’t want to lose another 10 years, do you?

I recall the Nixon resignation, Clinton, and those were probably not impeachable. But compared with this round?

Kunstler is no friend of the President, and a doomster, but he can write.

You have to wonder how many Democratic senators spend the long hours of impeachment fantasizing how to end the misery of listening to Rep. Adam Schiff deliver the party’s funeral oration. Please God, hurl a lightning bolt at the podium… bring down a chunk of the fine old coffered ceiling where he stands and prates about a Russian invasion of Malibu… send a coral snake up the leg of his trousers…!

It was so bad that his California counterpart, Senator Dianne Feinstein, just up-and-split late Wednesday. Elizabeth Warren has been seen furiously doodling maps of all the primary precincts she is failing to visit in her confinement. Bernie Sanders imagines himself wielding thirty inches of re-bar upside Mr. Schiff’s skull, while Amy Klobuchar pops her third Xanax of the evening. You have no idea what mental tribulation the House impeachment manager supreme is visiting on his colleagues.

The impeachment case against Mr. Trump might mercifully spell the end of the Master Narrative the Democrats have been confabulating since 2016: that Donald Trump invited the wicked Vlad Putin to checkmate Hillary Clinton and thereby crushed the hopes and dreams of those wishing to make Ukraine the 51st state… or something like that. Because according to Mr. Schiff, there is no nation on this planet as dear to the interests of America than darling Ukraine, with its radioactive forests, decrepitating Soviet infrastructure, and dedication to liberty.

Like a family held hostage by an untalented stage child’s living room performance, there’s no escaping Adam “Carmelita” Schiff’s vanity. The House managers will get to perform their show to a captive and paralyzed Senate audience. It must be agony to watch untalented congressmen deliver nauseating speeches about supposed commands of our Constitution.

Schiff brayed that Trump’s actions were, “the trifecta of constitutional misconduct justifying our impeachment.”

To what section of the Constitution does he refer? The part he made up, of course.

Our politicians, sadly, are coming back from holiday. Which mean we hae to
In the meantime, do not pretend that the elite are not watching you. They are. They will infiltrate — when it fits their narrative. It’s worth noting that the Muslim Gangs in the UK still get a free pass. In short, don’t. Never go full retard. Never go alt-retard at all.

oote>You might think that some of these would-be führers would have sought my advice, given that I’ve been hate-listed by the SPLC, but despite my alleged status as a racist menace to society, my advice — “Don’t Be Hitler” — continues to be ignored by these amateur dimwits.

By the way, according to the FBI, Luke Lane posted an autobiographical sketch on a neo-fascist website, in which he described how he “started out as a Republican because that is all I knew but I was mostly libertarian in nature,” but “quickly switched to libertarianism later in life” — he’s only 21, remember? — “and then realized that was dysfunctional and wrong as well.” So next he “switched to being an AnCap” (anarcho-capitalist) “because I viewed libertarianism as putting weak men who would not stand for what they should be standing for but realized the massive hole in that belief system.” Keep in mind, this guy’s just four years past his senior year of high school, but he’s already had enough time to change ideologies three times before, of course, ending up as a Nazi.

Which is not where you want to end up. Maybe just stick with being a plain old Republican? They’ll call you a Nazi anyway, but it’s better than, say, going to prison because you’re too dumb to spot a cop.

But in tTo my complete lack of surprise, the meantime, the next brew designed to reduce the population is introduced or escapes — in China.

But the West need to have put quarantine in place yesterday. They did not.

To my complete lack of surprise, a major new potential pandemic has reared its ugly head thanks, yet again, to the Chinese.

I was there in Singapore in the summer of 2003 when SARS hit. I saw firsthand exactly what that disaster did to the region’s economy in general, and Singapore’s in particular. Bankers and accountants became hawker-store sellers and taxi drivers practically overnight as the economy contracted at astonishing speed. Orchard Road and the major shopping centres went from “holy shit it’s as crowded as a f***ing Indian railway platform in this mall” to “where the Hell did everyone go?!?!” in the space of about a month.

The Singaporean government reacted with exceptional speed to impose draconian measures upon the economy. Travel was heavily restricted. Severe quarantines were imposed on anyone coming in from China. Anyone who even looked like he or she might be unhealthy, was promptly whisked away at ports of entry to be rigourously checked out. Anyone who showed signs of a bad fever was detained and kept in a hospital for observation.

I do not for one moment criticise the Singaporean government’s response, because there was nothing to criticise. That is precisely how a government has to respond in the face of a potential viral pandemic. You basically have to quarantine everyone with the plague, then everyone that those people came into contact with, then everyone that those people came into contact with, and if you really want to be thorough – which the Singaporeans absolutely were – you also quarantine everyone that those people came into contact with too.

Over the next two weeks postings will be light. I am going to the least populated island in New Zealand, and then to Fiordland. I aim to measure my time by birdsong.

And I will be avoiding crowds.