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Scott on Dalrock.

Scott, like Adam, works by his own name and talks at times about work. I cannot: condition of my employment. To understand Scott’s reaction to Dalrock closing it’s good to start with a self description of him. I’ve always been a pretty dispassionate observer of natural phenomena, and I don’t get rattled much by true […]

Lectionary Life

3 February 2020

In which we deal with an endemic evil of ancient empires: Slavery. You have to have some source of energy to run a civilization, and for the Romans it was wheat porridge, from large farms run by slaves, managed by slaves, and with the master providing the animals and tools they needed. It was an […]


Tuesday Middle Aged Quartet.

One of the reasons I now enjoy Eliot’s later work is that I am now old enough to have lost any sense of immortality but still young enough to care: perhaps too much. One of the reasons I blog poetry is because many do not read: and if they do, they read from this generation, […]