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Holiday update: To the Island.

We started our holiday with a road trip, deviating to Gore, where the shopping was remarkably good. Then Invercargill, which was a disappointment. I’ve checked with locals afterwards, and we made a mistake: we went into the CBD. Which is a reasonably good place to go if you want to have a worship service, but […]

Writing Lectionary music

15 February 2020

Adam was discussing the fall of the Petersen, and some commentators found articles he had written when Petersen wwas becoming prominent and before he had disabused himself of the idea that he may be an ally of the truth, beauty and honour. Adam corrected his mistake, for we all make them. Nobody can be right […]

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Reactivity. (The next war will censored, twitter included).

Never talk to the media Via Vox Day, who will only talk to people about books he’s published. The nationalists and EU This is a time when teh Donald is ensuring that the deep state globalists are being rinsed from power. The elite are horrified that the ethical standards they applied to the current president […]