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Notes on Divorce (19 February 2020)

Today we were invited to a Golden Wedding Anniversary. These events are getting more rare as time goes on. Our marriage rate is imploding, and the amount of dysfunction and despair among both children and parents is increasing. The state interferes with marriage, creating new grounds for divorce, and now divorce, legally, is at a […]


18 February 2020

One of the financial things we need to do is provide mercy but feedback. We should not leave a man without shelter and food — quite hard, given the rents in some of our cities — and we should not oppress such. If, like me, you consider that we are heading into a cyclical recession […]


As one becomes older evolution fails: Poetry.

Eliot was writing in a time of crisis: as an American living among the English, before there was a formal alliance, there would have been a certain distance between him and his neighbour. Not from lack of good will, but a question of loyalty. Yes, the Yanks had helped in the first war, but by […]