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Thursday Reformed.

Further to the discussion about marriage that has been happening, and worrth its own post. Elspeth has had her 26th wedding anniversary. Good on you and your beloved. Right-leaning people are still, for the most part, absolutely clueless about what it’s like out there for both young women and men; especially those who are steadfast […]


Thursday reformed: the pagans know God.

In Which our author argues from nature and Valentine’s razor: If the thing is everywhere the same, then it’s probably true. One can worship nature, or one’s self, or one’s tribe, or the ideology of historical progression towards the new post Soviet man or post human. Those who say they are atheist still acknowledge a […]

Lectionary Christianity Theology

20 February 2020

It is true that the law of Moses was good and true and it inspired by God. Hebrews does not deny it. But that law was a covenant, with penalty clauses. One that none of us were able to keep. We cannot be holy. We cannot even fulfil regulations based on righteousness, which is the […]