The joys of reinstallation and notes to myself.

> Notes to myself

  1. Get it in writing. By writing I mean handwritten. Analogue documents, such as diaries, have to be physically acquired, they cannot be hacked.
  2. Conversely, anything electronically out there is public. You can use this in your favour
  3. Take notes of any singificant meeting. THere are ways of doing this in bullet points, including linking your notes back to the page where you are.
  4. When you have considered the notes and written down in your dairy what you want to do, send a email indicating this is the agreed plan, and saying you will act on it as discussed
  5. To quote Adam, wait half an hour for the phone call telling you not to do this. If so, document that as well

The quote teh Adam, cleaning it up a bit. There are people at work who hate you and will try to destroy you.

So be innocent as a dove, but have an understanding of how to be cunning as a snake.

I mean he didn’t get it in writing. Let’s take a look at why this is so and why it’s so important for readers to understand this.

First of all, it may be hard to believe but most people at your workplace don’t wish you well all that much. They’re mostly indifferent, which means there is no way in hell that they are going to stick their neck on the line if you fuck up. In addition to that, there are a few people at work who hate your guts or want your job or a combination of both. These individuals will happily set you up for a fall if it is within their power to do so. You can’t watch out for all of these but what you can do is to cover your own butt, (CYOB), and you do that by getting everything in writing.

All he had to do was to fire off an email, CCing in everyone concerned, along the lines of the following, and please feel free to use it as a template:


Just to confirm our recent conversation regarding posting online the information XXXX, and that you have all acknowledged that this will be good for company XXXX, and that I have explicit permission to do so on XXXX website.

Kind Regards,

I am not a moron.

After you press send on this email, just sit by your phone for the next 30 seconds. It will then precede to ring. When you answer the phone, one of the email recipients will be on the other end of the line and will be rather agitated. They will express dismay that you would put such a thing in writing. Isn’t their word good enough? Murmur your understanding but hold firm until they officially withdraw your permission to do XYZ.

I reocmmend you use a semi structered note book with a calendar at teh front. And know your way around bullet journalling, including the long journal form.

Reisntallation in KaOs

Now thet the holidays are over and I have managed to get the basic stuff up and running, there had to be some adjustments.

The first was getting spotify up and running. Fortunately the community has managed to get this up and running — and the only issue was getting a dependency running. In general, use the KaOS community, the the AUR from arch linux, and if that does not work, the appimage.

With Rawtherapee, I stronly suggest you use the appimage. It integrates fairly easily.

Digkiam, THunderbird, Firefox and Google Chrome? Scripts are available on the front page to get them working.

Then comes the fun bit. Copying over all the files from the backup disk, and ensuring that there is no trash.

The main problem is that the old photos are very, very noisy.

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1 year ago

And sometimes even the “get it in writing” doesn’t work……….