This week in reactivity.

Well, we are back home, and having a “still on holiday” weekend — there will be a holiday report done over a few weeks, but to start things off on the right foot we need to see what has been happening.


Politicans politicize everything because, like a hammer, they think everything is a nail. I am sure there are good people in Northland who turn up just to serve the locals and promote the far North. Lovely place, apart from when the professional protestors and politicians (at times the same people) turn up on Feb 6. Having said that, this year will be interesting. No one is talking about how interesting as events (such as Coronavirus) will make things harder.

Simon Bridges — the leader of the cuckservative (National) party — as decided to rinse NZ Tirst (Leader Wiston Peters) and turn them onto, like the Maori Party, Labours Poodles.

Getting back to the broader issues, Simon Bridges has terribly upset Winston Peters. He’s rattled him. Not since the first time Bridges put him out of politics has he done this.

Peters is now attempting to destabilise the National Party with hints that if Judith Collins becomes leader he may go with National. Soon to be Ockham Award nominated Collins, is far too wary to ever trust that as an endorsement and I doubt National’s caucus are that desperate to be in government they feel they need to have a government with Peters. They’ve collectively and I bet unanimously decided to shred him.

It’s not National that’s upsetting Winston.

Labour are now in prime position to cut his lunch. They don’t need him. They all now know it. This is why Ardern and Shaw look so smug currently.

Thanks to Simon Bridges and his National caucus, Winston Peters has become the silly old drunk uncle at the family reunion and in a bid to be relevant he took the Shane Jones speaking slot to have a go at Bridges who is young enough to be his son.

It was a targeted bunch of silly comments from an angry old part-Maori man living in the past celebrating how good he used to be when everyone voted for him for his Pakeha side and not his Maori one.

Any negotiation with Winston after the election with Labour is going to go like this. Well Simon doesn’t want you, what are you going to give us to join us in government. Here are our better, far more trustworthy friends, ones we like – the Greens.

And that’s why it’s so good what the National Party have done. They have not only made their boldest move in years for a Conservative lot, they’ve also shafted Winston with Labour even if they end up “losing” the election. And they’ve done it with enough time this time for voters to actually know what they’re voting for.

And that’s why Winston and his tame trolls are spitting tacks.

Cactus Kate

Percent Bush burnt per year, Australia

Via Adam Piggott, Jo Nova comments that this has been an average year for Bushfires — the only change is that the South Rast, where most people live, has burned rather than the North and West, where no one lives for good reasons.

So far this season the fires that gained so much attention around the world have burned around 10 18 million hectares, which is only a fifth 36% of the usual area burnt, though presumably that will increase after satellite data is analyzed and the rest of the fire season plays out.

Pasi Autio points out that ten years ago a researcher showed there was a link between a strong Indian Ocean Dipole and bad forest fires on the other side of Australia in New South Wales. This year the Indian Ocean Dipole was one of the strongest in the last 60 years, so the pattern repeats. Nothing to do with “climate change” and everything to do with natural cycles of drought and rainfall.

In terms of forest fires rather than all fires, from 2011 – 2016 about 20 million hectares still burned each year. About a third of that was planned burns, and two thirds was wildfire. Since this is so much higher than the rotation of planned burns in the national parks of NSW and Victoria that burnt this year, presumably these planned burns were either on private property or in arid zones. The definitions of forest can vary hugely, and in this case also includes vast areas around Kalgoorlie, the Eyre Peninsula, and some “forests” near Bourke and Cunnamulla.

Many thanks to Pasi Autio for collecting together the data and research that no one at the ABC bothered to collect, and no one at any other government institute seemed to issue a press release about. Below, he concludes this season is not outside the bounds of normal by most fire related statistics, though he is not analyzing economic loss, animal deaths, media frenzies or political point scoring. Most of which have been far above normal.

The same Indian Ocean Dipole — which left a large high pressure/hot zone over most of central Australia — diverted all the cold and we weather to fiordland, where we witnessed the edges of a 1m rain dump in 24 hours. By which we meant that we have been texting friends whose towns have flooded.

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The test of a Churchian

Kea and I have been talking about the mainline churches and what is going wrong with them. The answer is that they fear man. Overmuch. Matt Briggs is Catholic, and his Thomist posts are solid going. Is he being overly snarky? Perhaps, but the truth divides.

Week or so back, in a move that surprised everybody, the Church of England remembered for a brief moment what it was a Church of.

They issued a statement saying that sex was only for married people.

They said only men and women could marry. Each other, that is. And they said sodomy was a no-no.

When they woke up and realized what they had done, they retreated faster than the Brits running from Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans.

Justin Welby squished to the nearest microphone and apologized for God proscribing sodomy. He lisped “We are very sorry and recognise the division and hurt this [statement] has caused.”

William M. Briggs

We are called to be righteous, not inclusive with evil. Vox Day comments on a different topic (relationships of husband and wives offending the progressive faux Christians or Churchians) but clearly:

Telling the truth to such is a sin against tolerance. Despite the fact we are told not to love the world or the things of the world.

Churchians are to religion what cuckservatives are to politics. They will only ever shoot at that which is nominally on their own side, but is too “extreme” or “racist” or “divisive”. They are the original wolves in sheep’s clothing.

This church now knows everything it needs to know about their “pastor”. He is not fit for church leadership and should be removed from the pulpit and expelled from the congregation at the earliest opportunity.

Remember, Jesus came to cause conflict. Jesus explicitly said that he came to divide people. Anyone who opposes the very concept of conflict or divisiveness is obviously and observably on the other


We are not equal. Instead, we are different. A wise man does not want to marry a mirror image of himself: a different perspective is needed an a different set of strengths. Naked is a man who does not have a brother covering his back, and it is sorrowful to see women trying to be what they are not because of equality — when the best and strongest women can lift not as much as master’s (40 plus) men.

As a description of egalitarianism’s influence in our culture, “the secular religion of modern intellectual life” is dead on-target, and I’ve been among the “heretics and infidels” for more than 20 years.

The dogma of egalitarianism, its denial of human nature, has the effect of devaluing the actual differences between us, as if we all are (and should be) identical cookie-cutter replicas of each other. This is absurd and insulting, but if you try to argue against this “secular religion,” you’ll find yourself accused of hate. Instead of denying such an accusation — trying to convince your liberal accuser how much you agree with his egalitarian worldview — you might wish to try asking, “Why?” To say that a Norwegian is different than a Nigerian does not imply hatred of either, nor are you guilty of hate (“misogyny”) for saying that men and women are different. The amazing thing, of course, is that the typical Nigerian is more likely to agree with me than to agree with the liberal because, like me, the Nigerian is typically more traditional than modern.

Liberalism is the political shadow of modernism, and the conservative must acknowledge that his belief system involves loyalty to ancient values that existed long before the Industrial Revolution.

Elspeth comments, noting that fantasy fiction is where there are no rules about society except what you amke them, that it is currently being ruined by the wokesters. I don’t know what they would make of S.M. Stirlings Draka triology or Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We. To paraphranse Stirling, sometimes the setup for the book is a dystopia.

And that should be OK, but it will offend this secular religion.

Stabbed by her own pitchfork. It is both comical and preposterous in my opinion. The utter ignorance of the woke brigade is the issue here. The fact that people so ignorant are wielding the the power to influence and impact an industry which should be -at its heart- driven by educated people with literary and historical knowledge does not bode well for the future of publishing, literature, and literacy.

One wonders when peak absurdity will intersect with a plurality of people willing to display the courage to declare that enough is enough.


Enough for this week. More to follow.