Friday Fulminations.

Today’s situation is bought to you by the NHS[1]: an organization so toxic that staff take a pay cut to move to the antipodes. Underfunded, Stalinist, and nauseatingly politically correct: they have now broken a fundamental ethical imperative. You don’t choose who you treat. It does not matter who walks in next and how much they offend your exquisite sense of your sensitivities. You work with them on their issues[2].

This goes back to Hippocrates, who said you should keep the confidence of both slave and king, and give both the best treatment you can.

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) announced Tuesday that, under new rules for the agency coming in April, medical care providers can refuse to give non-critical care to patients who are “racist,” sexist,” “homophobic,” or are otherwise insulting and aggressive towards hospital staff.

Right now, the NHS can refuse to treat anyone who are “aggressive” or “violent” out of concern for the well-being of health care workers, but the new rules, set to take effect in April of 2020, expand who the NHS can turn away — though it’s not entirely clear how the NHS would know a possible patient was “racist,” sexist,” or “homophobic,” or whether there are procedures in place to separate the truly mentally ill from the merely problematic.

Being abused by the people I help? Having complaints from the woke? Being told I’m fat, arrogant, male, pale, stale, a hole of some description? Meh. Having people threaten to run me over, being hit, being stalked [3]– that gets me, particularly if it involves the family. Having local polticians say I’m unfit to practice because of the old blog — well that almost got me out of a job becuase I was considered racist, sexist homophobic and islamophobic.

As if I don’t get bruises when hit and scared when threatened. We have not a few people off work because of being hit at work most weeks. Stopping that and respecting health workers is OK. Refusing to treat people because you think they are Nazis makes you one with the Chinese Communist Party, who won’t treat you unless you have an adequate social score.

Besides, it ruins goodwill and brings out cynicism. As our Aussie mate notes.

The British National Health Service used to be the pride of the nation, but that was before they opened the doors of the nation wide open to anyone with a pulse and an ability to fall over the doormat. Now it is in serious danger of collapsing due to the huge numbers of patients that it has not had the capacity to keep up with.

What to do, what to do? Kicking out the dusky foreigners is politically unpalatable so another outcome needs to be secured. No doubt about it, they have to reduce the numbers of patients, and the largest demographic is the British native working class. Horrible bunch, really; always eating crisps and moaning about the lengthy queues behind all of the foreign imports. Best to get rid of the lot of them, but how can we do so in a politically correct and magnanimous way?

UK’s National Health Service can refuse to treat ‘racist,’ ‘sexist,’ and ‘homophobic’ patients under new rules

The NHS is no longer fit for service. Don’t go to the UK to train. If in the UK, get private insurance. And these leaders? Do not be that woke. They have lost their prime directive.

1. Friday is usually fitness links, but that includes access to medical care.
2. Yes I have skin in this game, and I usually don’t talk about such, but when things are evil, they are evil.
3. Speaking from experience.