Holiday update: To the Island.

We started our holiday with a road trip, deviating to Gore, where the shopping was remarkably good. Then Invercargill, which was a disappointment. I’ve checked with locals afterwards, and we made a mistake: we went into the CBD. Which is a reasonably good place to go if you want to have a worship service, but not if you want nice things for the house.

Apparently these things were hidden behind the railway station, to confuse the unwary.

From there we travelled to bluff, to get on a ferry. We deviated to look at the second most southern cemetary in NZ, which looks over Foveaux Strait.If it looks bleak, it was.

Following this, we took the ferry to Oban. This takes about an hour in a catamaran. It was moderately rough, and we slept a bit on the way. Oban is a small village — most of Stewart Island is national park — and in its own way quite pretty.

At this point the anti sea sickness pills kicked in and we retired to bed before sunset and slept for 12 hours solid. I should say that at the front of the pub we were staying at was a man with a spotting scope waiting for the nightly return of the oyster catchers.  But we were too tired.