Thursday Reformed.

Further to the discussion about marriage that has been happening, and worrth its own post.

Elspeth has had her 26th wedding anniversary. Good on you and your beloved.

Right-leaning people are still, for the most part, absolutely clueless about what it’s like out there for both young women and men; especially those who are steadfast in their faith commitment. Our children are, and we are eternally grateful for that; because we know that their immortal souls are worth far more than temporal happiness. We trust the Lord that it will happen, and we pray that they will enjoy the level of marital bliss that we have enjoyed.

And so, we’re going to party a little this week (old married couple style), enjoy each other, both with our kids and with some time away. We earned it because apparently marrying as young as we did, the odds of making this far (and happily no less!) were not in our favor.

All glory to God and all credit to my amazing husband.

I agree that its fairly toxic for young people. The neoliberal consensus is going to end. Our smarter children are getting trades and cheap land.

The more programmed are getting PhDs before becoming baristas, because they believed the elite.

In short, at present, read the old guys. There is a reason I’m posting Calvin, and referring you to those who also post theologians. The pundits of this age lie. They are the tools of the elite, their useful idiots. Their ownly use is to point in the wrong direction.

Do not be them. Be more like Elspeth.