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This week in reaction

As our society moves into lockdown, there is no point at all warning about COVID. You warn about things before they happen, not when you are in the middle of it. Yesterday everyone in the family got a text from our GP advising us that everyone over 70 and the immunocomprimised should self-isolate. At this […]

Hardware Administration Analogue

Monday Technical.

With the current viral update, I am in the process of getting everything able to run from home. This includes installing or activating the tools that my university runs on, particularly office 365. My current game is uploading 10 years worth of files onto OneDrive, and seeing if I can break it. In addition, I’m […]


Utu and Zeal (23 March 2020)

One of the questions that anyone with sense will ask is why are we in this situation? Yes, I know that there are too many managers and politicians making decisions when they are too short for the ride, and the decisions right now are difficult. But why are we in this situation? Here the prophets […]

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The ethics of scarcity.

This is about COVID 19 and a nice bit of information: there are ususally around 180 ICU beds for the five million kiwis. If half a percent need them with the current virus, that is 500 per million, or 2500 for the population. There is a reason our leaders are talking about “slowing the curve”. […]