Monday Technical.

With the current viral update, I am in the process of getting everything able to run from home. This includes installing or activating the tools that my university runs on, particularly office 365. My current game is uploading 10 years worth of files onto OneDrive, and seeing if I can break it. In addition, I’m having to use various video conferencing and groupware products: and the best one I’ve seen working is zoom. Yes, I know Microsoft makes it, but there are times when open source purity has to disappear because work has to be done. This is one of them.

I’m going to probably go horizontal on a lot of things right now — I’ve just deleted gab and mewe so I’m not tempted. Both are good products, but there are other things that are more important.

This place

At the end of the month, the current iteration of the blog will have been going for a year. My use of statiscal trackers has been spotty, but the number of posts and best list for the year will be interesting.

In the meantime the spam is getting more interesting. The most recent one began….

Конечно, никогда нельзя быть уверенным.

Mate, I’m a kiwi. That means I’ve been away from England long enough (five generations) to be a colonial and not fit in. In your terms, I’m without culture. Deleted.

With a note: I run everything through Akismet and Bad Behaviour. Getting more spam.

As an aside, don’t use TikTok. Kea had to tell her daughter to can it after it started spraying spam all over her facebook page. I know facebook is a timewaster and a method of social monitoring, but Tiktok spreads malware.

Things that look tasty

  • The raspberry pi 3 or 4 is a good way of getting data off your camera, and when we are through this I will get one, as there is a kiwi distributor, and get that working. Useful for travel, when you don’t want to carry a laptop.
  • My main laptop is dying, and it looks like the pinebook pro is improving, to the point it is running plasma. I switched the server to KaOs (which is a fork of arch linux running KDE) a while ago, and this would fit in nicely. After being frugal, this would be the second thing I get.
  • Purism is releasing a minipc. It looks good, but (a) my big PC is still working and (b) I still remember mac minis — which ran so hot that you could fry eggs on the top of them. When this is over, third on the list of toys.
  • I’m watching the smartwatch space closely. I expect that sensors that will help me — ie. tell me when my BP is low and or glucose low — will come out this year. Hopefully, after the current unpleasantness. And hopefully, not attached to Wear OS. Not on the buy list yet: my watch remains analogue.

Yes, we are returning to routine service here as we ride out the current viral storm. Routines are good for you. Use them. And stay away from those vectors of fear: the nightly news and big social media.