This is not a time to over read things — Lockdown COVID day 1 (26 March 2020)

If you follow the link to today’s revised common lectionary (and you should in NZ: we are in lockdown and we have time) you will find that the other passages today are from Revelations. There are many at the moment who are going full doomster. However, we are in a crisis, and the things to do now are to care for each other and to cultivate the habits of peace.

This includes the word of God, for as Ezekiel noted, it was as honey in his mouth.

Ezekiel 2:8-3:3

8 “Now you, son of man, listen to what I am speaking to you; do not be rebellious like that rebellious house. Open your mouth and eat what I am giving you.” 9 Then I looked, and behold, a hand was extended to me; and lo, a scroll was in it. 10 When He spread it out before me, it was written on the front and back, and written on it were lamentations, mourning and woe.

3 Then He said to me, “Son of man, eat what you find; eat this scroll, and go, speak to the house of Israel.” 2 So I opened my mouth, and He fed me this scroll. 3 He said to me, “Son of man, feed your stomach and fill your body with this scroll which I am giving you.” Then I ate it, and it was sweet as honey in my mouth.

Concerning speculation about the end times, The SDL summarizes what I think — except I did not reject Christianity. I rejected Hal Lindsay. Like a lot of Christian popular literature, it reflects the times. If I want collapse fiction, I read the real stuff.

Every single person who states a firm opinion about any time being the end times is a false prophet and a liar. Every single one. I’ve been hearing Boomers pontificate about this since the end of the 1970s. I still remember the idiotic pamphlet “88 Reasons for 1988”. Even at the time, I knew it was complete idiocy, given specious illogic like “1988 is the 100th U.S. Congress. Water boils at 100 degrees. Therefore, the world will end in 1988!”

In fact, Boomer eschatologists who breathlessly followed Hal Lindsay were one reason I rejected Christianity as a teenager. It was patently obvious even at the time that there was absolutely no truth in them, as events have subsequently confirmed. That being said, the one thing I will say for Mr. Lindsay is that he correctly predicted the rise of global Islam at a time when absolutely no one else did, and he did so on the basis of logic derived from the Bible.

Jesus made it very clear that even he didn’t know the hour. So you don’t either, and don’t start appealing to how you’re certain that it is “the season” either. Evil men that people were identifying as potential Antichrist candidates in 999 AD have been completely forgotten by history, and there isn’t even a moderately plausible candidate today. So get over yourselves, forget the idiotic and entirely non-Biblical rapture nonsense, and deal with the fact that you’re almost certainly going to have to deal with the fallen world as it is for the rest of your life.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli

It is not worth putting effort into who will live and who will die. As societies, we have made choices, and as societies, we will have to live with the consequences of them. Our job, right now, is to care for each other and remain isolated during lockdown. To set up things so we can do as much as possible by distance. We had our home group by zoom and we will livesstream our service using pre recording and our pastors preaching from their living rooms. We will use the networks around to care for those around us.

And let God sort the rest out. The word we have is suffieient.