Coronavirus Notebook.

Things are now moving very fast, so let’s just put things up as I find them and keep it going. Personally, I’ve cancelled any trips, and work is cancelling unneeded meetings. This should make us a lot more productive.

My friend Mick referred me to a meditation by the good archbishop cramner, that is worth reading in its entirety. Let’s give you the foretaste, and go and read the whole thing.

In disasters, people lose loved ones, relatives and property. Above all, they lose faith – not so much religious faith, but faith in the belief that life has a certain consistency and meaning. The universe suddenly makes no sense: there is no justice; life’s not fair.

Before we get into the madness that is the USA, one of the local business magazines talked to an agricultural epidemiologist, for we have had stock infections a few times. This is his comments.

It is no longer reasonable to dispute that COVID-19 is a global pandemic. That term should not necessarily be linked to the notion of a global disaster. However, it does mean there is no safe haven from COVID-19.

Here in New Zealand there is still a chance that we can contain the disease but our current containment policy is not going to work. The only way it can work is if mandatory home-isolation is a requirement for all those returning from overseas. That means no international visitors who cannot demonstrate that they can self-isolate in either a home or equivalent environment, with all other people in that household also self-isolating.

Keith Woodford,

The government, however, is allowing the Pacifica festival and the woke memorial to Mr Tarrant to occur. Mr Tarrant’s victims don’t want that… they are more sensible.

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Inept


“More people could die, and yet they don’t seem too horrified by that thought, opting instead to focus what effect it might have on Trump? Wow.”

By the way, if you’re a Republican alumnus of Princeton, why would you contribute so much as a nickel to your alma mater? They seem to be operating a partisan political training school nowadays. But more importantly, why is an African American Studies professor on this panel? Wouldn’t a medical professor or a biology professor be more qualified to discuss a public-health crisis? And for those of us who remember Hurricane Katrina, wasn’t the actual failure of emergency response due to the incompetence of local Democratic officials? Remember all those school buses that Mayor Nagin left sitting idle, rather than using them to evacuate the city? Never mind. Facts don’t matter to the MSNBC audience. It’s all about the narrative, and the Katrina narrative was (a) Republicans don’t care if black people die, and (b) global warming.

The Other McCain

Contradiction: note that both those wanting Trump supporters to die and for Trump to stop meetings are Democrats, and they miss the point that the real action is on Gab and Reddit.

Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) complained Sunday on MSNBC that President Donald Trump was putting “his most ardent supporters at risk” by not canceling his upcoming political rallies in light of the current coronavirus outbreak.

Speier said, “I don’t think the president is capable of telling us the truth about the coronavirus. And I regret saying that. I think we have to rely on the scientists who are attempting to tell the truth even when they have to contradict the president. ”

She added, “The fact that he is not willing to cancel his various rallies suggests that he is willing to place even his most ardent supporters at risk because we’re supposed to stay six feet away from other persons in order to mitigate the exchange of those viruses. I think that he is showing, unfortunately, why he is so ill-prepared to guide our country during this time of the crisis.”

Breitbart News

Well, the Train is fine but not on time

Italy has basically closed down everything but you still should go to work and the transportation is working. I think.

Details of today’s rules are here.

A day after northern Italy was put on lockdown over the COVID-19 coronavirus, PM Giuseppe Conte imposed quarantine on the entire country, restricting movement and banning public gatherings.

The unprecedented move was announced by Conte on Monday evening local time, and came as Italy’s death toll from the coronavirus rose by almost 100.

The number of deaths jumped from 366 to 463 on Monday, while the total number of cases grew from 7,375 to 9,172.

“There won’t be just a red zone,” Conte told reporters, referring to the restrictions imposed on the country’s north over the weekend. “There will be Italy.”

The restrictions will take effect on Tuesday morning, Conte said. They include a blanket ban on any public gatherings, sporting events, and movement all over Italy.

Citizens were advised to stay home unless they absolutely need to go to work or due to an emergency. Despite the restrictions, public transport will continue to function, the PM said.

Closures of schools and universities across the country have been extended to April 3.

RT news

The local news found the inevitable professional Rugby player from provincial NZ playing for Italy and interviewed him via skype. The comment going around was that a week ago people were joking about this, now it’s real.

And the discussion at work was that it won’t take many cases of COVID 19 to stop all elective work in our hospitals. Howver, events are still continuing and we are still letting people into NZ.