Friday Fitness Lockdown.

Let’s start with Mark Sisson, who summarizes what we should all be considering. We are in lockdown here — we are allowed out to exercise but must “stay in our bubble” not letting anyone who we are not isolated with within 2 m of us and not stop and chat. Pools are closed. Gyms are closed. Any meeting is closed.

The number of runners and walkers has increased markedly. I would argue that walking is probably better for most people, because the bulk of most aerobic work should be done a well below threshold, otherwise you get into a mixed state which crossfitters call the black hole. You should not go there.

Gyms all across the world are closed right now. Many of us are stuck at home, unable or unwilling to even get to parks and hiking trails and beaches. We’re all homebodies now, and yet the need for physical activity hasn’t diminished. If anything, it’s more crucial than ever that we stay active and healthy, fit and strong.

He recommends planks, hollow rocks and a variation on sit ups. That may OK where he lives, but here we have had our first snowfall in Central Otago two months early. I’ve spent the last two days working, and today trying to sort out things so I can get work going on. In addition, I developed renal colic (kidney stones) — my genetics have caught up with me in combination with dehydration. Hard core can wait. I’m rebuilding my aerobic base.

The good thing about lockdown is that you will run out of treats real quick. It is a good time to eat primally, which means well[1]. Limit comfort carbohydrates — which means don’t buy them. Eat what you know. Making one change now will make a difference later on.

What would I recommend in the cold? Well walking, Proper squats (that is as low as you can go), kettleball swings to shoulders, burpees and pushups (and planks, hollow rocks and situps — Kea hates them because they are on the ground On the days it is wet and miserable. Yes, I know there is no bad weather, only bad gear, but if it is howling outside and miserable do strength and posture work at home.

Above all, have fun. Dog walks, board games, music, gardening[2], reading. And rest.

My first suggestion is set your alarm an hour later and go to bed at the same time. If you are not waking before the alarm, you are sleep deprived.

Keep safe. And when this is over, plan a party.


1. Yes, we have an emergency stack of nonperishable food for a couple of weeks, but that is for earthquakes, when the logistic chain breaks completely. The shops are open. Eat as you would at home which should be plants and meats, avoiding poisons.

2. Particularly edible gardening. We have three outside raised beds and a glasshouse, for it better to have food now than money the government will remove with negative interest later.

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1 year ago

My gym (and others) are lending equipment to good customers during this time. This is helpful, because living in SoCal means that weights over 10lb sold out almost as quickly as toilet paper!

You might check if your regular small-gym owner would be willing to do likewise.

Another thing I did was get the old workout books and dust them off – pivot a bit on what I’m doing, achieve a bit of balance. Things one can do in the livingroom.