The secular sharia: this week in reaction.

This week has been mainly about getting ready for if we need to shut down things. I have lost hours trying to get the toolkit one needs to work by distance up and running. Travel is cancelled. And the planners are getting ulcers. We should not.

The USA have stopped travel from Europe, with good reason.

We have two friends who left today for London with plans to visit Edinburgh. They have a 7 year old and a 4 year old staying with family while they go on this trip. I pray they don’t have to stay away for too long, but I must confess a surreal sensation, being a Christian in times like these, I feel peace. And this is not the peace of an isolated person with everything planned and prepared for such as Wranglestar. This is a peace in spite of my wife being a first line healthcare worker.
As Vox says, there is no running from the consequences of godless man’s attempts to build New Babel. We can all rest easy knowing that there is nothing that can diminish the glory of Jesus Christ. Being obedient and in God’s will is always a safer position than being prepared for societal breakdown yet losing your soul to anxiety/despair/fear. We should be praying for our leaders and for the righteous to conquer the schemes of the wicked.

Sterling Pilgrim, Vox Popoli

But there are multiple posts on this. What else is going on?

Hat tip Stacey McCain

The Sharia, it hurts

It looks like the woke have no platformed Franklin Graham and his Billy Graham Evangelical Society. They hired a few football stadiums, who have now stopped the contract. This is noxious.

Franklin Graham happens to believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that homosexual acts are a sin. This is, of course, ‘homophobic’ and ‘hateful’. And so the venues which originally contracted with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association have now cancelled the bookings on the basis that his values do not reflect theirs, in particular those relating to diversity, inclusion and tolerance. One has said that hosting the preacher might even be against the law relating to statutory equality duties.

These venues are in effect imposing a secular sharia Test Act: in order to hire them, you must comply with their beliefs on marriage, sex, gender and sexuality.

Not since 1559 has there been an Act of Uniformity requiring everyone to assent to a particular worldview, and it took more than 300 years to eradicate that. But now gender (/sex) and sexual orientation equality are elevated to a quasi-religious status which trumps any religious worldview that dares oppose it. It is secular pluralism by statute law which is reducing Christian orthodoxy to ‘bigotry’ and ‘hate’. “Socially conservative moral views are now teetering on the edge of criminality,” observed Charles Moore a few years ago.

There is a solution, of course. Franklin Graham should proceed with his evangelistic mission to the UK, and instead of booking nervy secular council-run venues (against whom he ought to take legal action for breach of contract and religious discrimination) he might perhaps consider a few large church venues. Doesn’t the Church of England believe that marriage is “a faithful, committed, permanent and legally sanctioned relationship between a man and a woman”? Doesn’t it believe that homosexual acts “fall short of God’s purpose for human beings”? Church House can hold up to 600…

Archbishop Cramner

It’s not merely those of the faith. Peter Singer is anti-faith: a utilitarian pseudo-ethicist (no, I don’t like him). But the same methodology meant he can’t talk at my alma mater. It appears we have an act of uniformity driven by the offended, regardless of any contradictions.

And they are offended.

Did any presidential candidate ever deserve to lose more than Elizabeth Warren? This is a women who fabricated her own biography, falsely claiming to be Native American, in order to be the “first woman of color” on the faculty of Harvard Law. Say what you will about Barack Obama — whom Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan dubbed The Worst President in History — at least he actually was half-Kenyan, whereas Warren’s Cherokee fakery was so complete that the possibility of it being true involves the merest fraction of a single percentage point. If you’re going to play identity politics, you need to have a real identity.

We must credit Professor William Jacobson for his tenacity in calling attention to Warren’s fakery, and we should also credit the Democratic primary voters who rejected this bald-faced liar. The fact that Warren could do no better than third place in Massachusetts — the state she represents in the U.S. Senate — was an embarrassment she deserved.

Warren’s feminist supporters refuse to accept this verdict.

The Other McCain

When the secularists are this stupid, one is left with sarcasm as a last resort. They cannot handle the truth.

Yes, I know it is coronations, but it’s funny. From Gab.

That’s enough for this week. Things may be a little more organized next time.