March Statistics.

I’m finding that as the monitoring systems bed down, we are getting more similar results than we had last month. What has happened this month is that the COVID 19 posts have stopped: the crisis is upon us and we are in lockdown. Statcounter is now reliable, so let’s start there. And, again, there is a considerable range, with the usual outlier called NewStatsPress, but that does not talk with everyone. Please note that my impressions on Google analytics were measured, but impressions are not visits.

Number visitors Number Pageviews Number returning visits.
Statcounter 1058 2128 772
WP stats 989 3664
SlimStats 287 1923
Google Analytics 988 699
NewStatsPress 1821 16513

I remain nicely obscure. Thanks to The Other McCain and Adam Piggott for traffic.