Social spyware media (administration)

I’ve just killed my kobo account. Please note that I like the Kobo e reader: it is a better thing than the kindle — but Kobo requires facebook. I prefer to have a horizonotal social medial profile. Once I had updated the Kobo I deleted my profile there and then deleted the facebook account. Completely. This has killed google messenger

This means that I can’t see a lot of things — much of my church stuff is on facebook, as is the orchestra, and facebook messenger is gone. I still have google, because (a) Android (b) a gmail account is a good public account because making Google handle the spam is not bad and (c) it means I can comment on blogger sites, such as Vox Popoli.

But what can we use instead? What am I using?

  1. Zoom. This is on a work licence, and it is able to simulcast to about 300 people at once. Although my brother hates it (his work uses another product) it is secure enough for my employers and we use it also for family catchups and homegroups.
  2. Telegram This is mainly for home group. We are able to talk to each other and schedule things up on this fairly well
  3. Slack. Used for workgroups. Allows for side chats, often in conjunction with Zoom
  4. Email. Yes, it is old school. Yes, it is not the most secure thing, but most of my work is done via email and groupware. I have two employwers, and they both use Office 365 for everything… and therefore I have to. (Short note: Open Office is still better for writing and structuring things but editors demand word documents so you better have a version. If you are using linux, dropbox or OneDrive will allow you to generate word documents)

What to avoid?

  • Facebook — spyware. It is monetizing your life for advertisers
  • TikTok — a virus loading platform. Yes, I know it looks like fun, but there is a fair amount of nastygram stuff appearing
  • Instagram — You find yourself being “friended” if male by people you don’t want, and (like facebook) it acquires copyright of your photos. I’m a good photographer and Kea is a pro. You do NOT give photos away. Owned facebook
  • Snapchat — owned by Facebook, and the NZ goverment is using it.

I have to keep a horizontal profile because there are those out there who would de-anonymize me, then complain to HR and the Labour Party (generally the same people) and try to dis-employ me and deplatform me. You should do the same thing.

IF you need such accounts, make them Pravda, not the truth. HR can’t handle the truth.

Oh, and the Kobo? Is now upgraded. Use Calibre on a linux box to upload the epubs I buy. From the independant publishing houses. If in doubt, avoiding Amazon is also good.