Some ideas that help regardless of circumstances.

I am not talking about the obvious: love God. Ignore the elite. Stay in as small a community as you can while remaining employable.

The list will improve.

  1. Don’t sweat the big stuff
    You will be told by many that you should fear the enemy of the day: a virus, global warning. If there are not reds under the bed, there are haters. But you cannot do a thing to alter the climate of this planet, or the spread of a virus across borders. This is outside your area of control. All you can do is pray.
  2. Sweat the little stuff.
    What you can control and act on, do. This will generally involve your work, your family, your neighbours and your church. There you can do good. It is far better to do good locally than it is to signal virtue on a global issue.
  3. Use the road.
    You have to do some bulk aerobic work. Walk, run, swim, cycle, but a fair number of hours a week using large muscles at a level where you can still talk. Not competative. Not exhausting. If you can’t turn around and do the same workout again, you have gone out too hard.
  4. Love Iron
    No, not spinach. weights. Lifting heavy stuff. Probably only once or twice a week, but high intensity. This is why you belong to a gym, and have a coach: as you fatigue your form will fail and the risk of injury increases. You can’t afford injury or the physiotherapist bills that follow it. So leave your ego at the door and work on form.
  5. Do a team thing
    This can’t happen in lockdown, but do something that you have to cooperate with. Be in a band (or orchestra). Play a team sport. In fact One sport: one art is a good guideline here. But you also need.
  6. Do something active that is solo
    Preferably artistic and or physical. The reason you walk and run is so you can hike: have an art where you practice (solo) or work on it solo. Having two sports and two arts means that if the social one falls over, you still have the other.


I’ve moved this post and expanded it as a page. Other resources will be appreciated.