Friday Fitness…

We are in lockdown. It is not quite this bad, but it is getting there. This was an April Fool’s joke, but the “stay in your neighbourhood” stuff is getting to people.

We are doing a daily walk of between 40 minutes and 70 minutes. The days we don’t do this, we feel pretty awful. On those days we do some weights — Russian Swings and squats — because, Bodyweight is boring after a while.

And w quote>The Government announced this morning that as there was so much confusion about how far from home people could travel to exercise, it has passed an Order-in-Council to provide certainty.

The following are the maximum distances you can now travel from your home, without being deemed in breach of the Level 4 restrictions.

In cities: 500 metres
In towns: 750 metres
In rural areas: 1 km

Exceptions still apply for travel to supermarkets and pharmacies.

To ensure high levels of compliance, so that COVID-19 is contained, the Government has authorised the Police to track people’s locations through their cellphones. This is already occurring in a number of other countries such as Israel.

MBIE hopes to have an alert system rolled over within 48 hours so that anyone who is further away from their home than the permitted distance receives a warning that they may be in breach of the law.

David Farrar, Kiwiblog, April Fool’s Day

There are currently a lot (a lot) of resources around fitness. There are plenty of videos, competitions: the fitness industry is trying to keep us going.

What we are finding, is with us both at home most days, that we can move the main meal of the day to lunchtime and do as close as we can to 16:8 intermittent fasting. Minimal or no breakfast, big lunch, then aim to eat… nothing. The issue is if we eat the treat food… then I’ve found myself crashing at inoppurtune times, such as 20 minutes from home, walking on a cold and windy autumn day.

Since we are in the season of viral illnesses, the best handwashing instructions I know of… from the chef who I used to learn to cook again from when I zeroed out.

There is one caveat: use hand cream at least twice a day. Why? Because you will need to wash a lot. Particularly when you come back from work. Particularly if you have mandatory use of hand sanitizer. Your mitts are losing a natural layer of grease, and you don’t replace that somehow you are likely to get itchy and scratchy hands, which will increase your risk of getting the nasty.

Taken from the ASMS (Medical Union) website

But wash your hands first. And, yes, I follow that protocol when returning from work. My mother in law lives with us right now, and she is well into the at risk age group.