This week in reaction (Prior preparation prevents poor performance)

The week of reaction goes up overnight, early Saturday. With things moving so quickly, it’s becoming a bit of an issue trying to find things that will not be out of date half way through the week. Hence multiple posts during the week, with the less topical being here. Having said that, by my count this will be day 17 of lockdown when it comes out — just over half the original time of 28 days NZ had. And people are getting antsy.

I’m working from home, which means the entire day in front of the computer and I am going batshit crazy. I want to be back outside, walking around, yelling at people, making the world a better place. But all I can do now is yell at the two ducks who keep wanting bread whenever I step one foot out onto my deck. The other day the female one actually came into the house through the open door. I mean, what the hell? This is supposed to be a wild duck. How stupid can you be? Don’t they know that there is a plague and that I may be forced to consume them at any moment?

I want traffic jams. I want 5am alarm calls. I want to be busting my balls all day making the impossible happen in a way that looks like I’m cruising. I want to be hustling at the end of the day so that I can make it to the gym at a semi-reasonable hour which will leave me just enough time to get home, cook dinner, watch the strangely addictive TV game show Pointless, and then fall into bed at 9pm. Is that too much to ask?

Locally, two things save me: or three — I have to go into work at least one day a week, the office is in a shed that I have to walk to, and we are allowed to go for a walk in the local area. Those walks are long….

I put the last week in reaction to bed and then got this. Prior preparation is important. There are those who said that one should not stock up… but we did get the essentials in a month before the panic started. Which it has, it has.

Systems are visibly collapsing. The stock market is out-
crashing the 1929 debacle in both speed and depth. “No Admittance” signs are posted at hospitals and needed surgeries are being cancelled. Police aren’t responding to anything less then a murder in progress. Cities are opening the prison doors and chasing off the inmates. Food wholesalers were cleaned out in a fortnight and many can’t restock enough to matter. Others have stopped answering their phones.

Guns and ammo are selling at a record rate. Dealers say even anti-gun leftists are buying ’em. No one will say it, but it won’t take much scarcity for the perpetual EBT Diversity to go where the food and supplies are. It’s just there they’ll meet real resistance for the first time in their lives. The suburbs have learned their family freezers are worth more than social posing. Unlike the stock market, price discovery will be utterly reliable when it comes to fried chicken and a six pack.

OK, what’s happening

The Meltdown

Rugby Union is a minor code in Australia. It is played by the elite, and their main aim is to beat NZ. In NZ, Rugby is a major sport, played at club level by many. But there is a professional level, and this is causing problems — and hiring a Kiwi woman with a track record for running things into the ground does not help.

From The Australian

Pressure is growing for change at the top of Rugby Australia and its chief executive Raelene Castle is facing the sack.

The Weekend Australian understands the attitude of the board towards Castle dramatically changed when three new figures joined earlier this week.

On Monday Virgin Australia co-founder Brett Godfrey, Supercars chairman Peter Wiggs, and former Wallaby Daniel Herbert took their places on the RA board, which has a huge task on its hands as it faces a $120 million revenue black hole.

All men. This is a very good thing.

They are said to have a “new perspective” on the way the game’s hierarchy has approached the management of the code which was in crisis even before COVID-19 — bleeding viewers, crowds and participation numbers at many levels of the code for some time.

Because nobody likes token diversity pick land whales.

By “new perspective”, they mean back to the traditional way of running things, before the West, for no reason at all, decided to break with ten thousand years of civilisational wisdom and billions of years of biological reality, and throw it all away just so we could stop hurting people’s feelings. Rugby is a game played by men, for men. Women’s role is to look pretty and pair up with the best male specimens so they can pass on their genes.

The XYZ files

At the same time, Netball is finding it can’t run its elite game without TV sponsorship. Or audiences. Or anything. One of the main divisions is now in liquidation.

NZ is printing money. Scads of it. Well, technically we are borrowing fedbux, and they are being printed by the Yanks. This, as expected, is making the kiwi dollar cheaper. Jeff Bezos should be pissed, because now he hits everything we buy at his place with 15% GST AND the kiwi dollar has functionally dropped lower than Wilder is quoting, it’s too expensive to buy stuff over there. At present, anyway, we can’t buy anything with the current price of groceries.

And no, we don’t want any Yanks over here.

Let’s take another example, the New Zealand dollar. The New Zealand dollar is a currency I’ve followed for several years, just for grins. I like to imagine buying a New Zealand winery and retiring there to be a funeral director. I just found out where New Zealanders bury lopsided people – asymmetry. Trust, me it’s funnier if you read the last word in a New Zealand accent.

In the last 15 years, the very best the New Zealand dollar has ever done against the United States dollar was a little shy of $0.90. Right now, you can get a New Zealand dollar for about $0.60. If you look at history, as long as people think of the United States dollar as “safe,” you get people jumping out of currencies like the New Zealand dollar into the United States dollar whenever they get skittish.

The United States having a zillion nuclear warheads probably makes people think it’s safe, so they take their money from all over the world. Instead of buying New Zealand dollars, they buy United States dollars, which makes United States dollars increase in value.

The New Zealand dollar has deflated.

I would have bet that would happen, and it has. Imagine all the sheep and, um . . . more sheep you could buy with your new expensive United States dollars?

Can I predict what assets are going to drop in price, by how much, and for how long?

No, I can’t.

But be aware that the rules that you are used to aren’t going to apply.

Will there be inflation?

I think so, after a while, and depending upon where and when the Federal Reserve tosses all those scads of money from the printer that goes brrrr. But if you had just lost your job, and got a check for $10,000 would you spend it on PEZ®, pantyhose, and elephant rides right now? Of course not. But it may be farther off into the future than you anticipate. Houses won’t inflate until people have enough money to buy one. Unless the Fed fills people’s pockets with money and forces them to buy a house, they won’t. Would I buy one in San Francisco for $2 million right now? Would you?


But then, half of the meltdown is this: the current crisis has exposed the flaws in the Globalist Progressive project.

People do not live alone. Their lives are not their’s alone. They are best defined as being in a familial and cultural matrix. When this is broken, people suffer: this is the main point Durkheim made.

The social contract, if there is one, is not built around a set of economic policies. It is not a set of rules imposed by the keepers of the economy in order to make transactions as efficient as possible. The social contract is the invisible bonds between the people. It is this dedication to the shared welfare that necessitates the creation of the state in order to maintain those bonds.

Those invisible bonds are not the creation of the state, but the result of the mating decisions of our ancestors. The social contract between Finns is just the conceptualization of their shared history and ancestry. It is unique to them. What makes a Finn and Finn is not where he stands on the map or how he does business. What makes him a Finn is he is the fruit of the Finnish family tree. To be Finn means the ability to one day make more Finns. That’s biology, not economics.

The social contract can only exist among a people with a shared ancestry. If the goal is to restore the social contract, the first step is not a new round of economic fads, but a restoration of the ancient bonds among people. The West must first become a collection of nations again. Only in a world of nations can the governments of those nations preserve and defend the social contract. Safeguarding the welfare of the people can only happen when there is a people, rather than just people.

This is the fundamental flaw of the current order. Cosmopolitan globalism rests on the false notion of homo economicus. This is the assumption that humans are rational, self-interested, and pursue their subjectively-defined ends optimally. More important, it assumes that people are defined internally, rather than by the untold number of invisible bonds and interactions with their society. Globalism assumes man lives in a particular society, because it benefits in some way to do so.

Not only is this false, but homo economicus is in direct contradiction with the concept of a social contract. Socrates could not flee Athens and avoid death, because to do so would mean he was no longer Socrates. Who he was as a person was defined by his membership in the polis called Athens. The social contract cannot exist in a world of atomized individuals. The social contract can only exist in a world where people are defined by their membership in a society of their people

The Z man

The required attitude

The correct attitude is not to be the nations, for they rage, or the desperate minions of the elite, who find the journals that will pay them diminishing by the day. It is trust, and peace. We will have to fight, and struggle, yes. But if we resist, evil will flee.

But there is no need for despair. Is it not conflict that confirms our purpose? The more the face of evil is revealed, the more it underlines the reality, indeed, the absolute necessity, for our faith in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

It is not those who are devoted to the Good, the Beautiful, and the True who are breaking down and crying on air. It is not those who worship at the Cross who are cracking under the strain. The demons are raging because they, their master, and his human slaves are all being defeated.

Vpx Day, Vox Popoli

Adam reminds us that this could be a good thing.

The Friday hawt chicks & links comes to you on an actual Friday which is due to your proud and overconfident host being officially on holidays which I have taken due to this whole global virus meltdown. At least a week off and maybe more depending on what my employer needs. These are difficult times but I am optimistic at how things will turn out. The thing is that due to crony capitalism our economies haven’t had a good clean out for a very long time; we were well overdue for a seismic economic event that would wipe the slate clean and allow fresh green business shoots to emerge. This is how economies work best, but due to mass regulation and the propping up of noncompetitive companies and corporations by government, (the aforementioned crony capitalism), the clean out has been artificially deferred for decades.

Take Virgin Airlines as an example. The Australian branch is breaking down the government’s doors in an attempt to pry $1.4 billion out of the Australian taxpayers. Let them crash and burn. If you haven’t had a bit of fat tucked away for unforeseen events such as this then why should anyone else look out for you? Companies complain about government interference in their business but then run crying with their empty cap in hand when things get tricky. You can’t have it both ways and the best way is for no government involvement at all apart from that of a most basic level.

Anyway, this is Good Friday which is always a very important time in the year. Jesus Himself once undertook a great clean out of vested interests that culminated in the events of this Holy weekend. So have good cheer and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Note that prior preparation matters You have to store what you eat and eat what you store. In our case, that means running a fairly large vegetable patch: your mileage will vary.

This season will pass. Do what is needful to get through it.

The Ladysphere

Yesterday Kea sat down and had a blunt chat. We have some scummy neighbours, who like waiting until we are asleep and tnen bang walls, move things (once we had someone pull our woodpile down) and I get angry. She knows that I grew up on the hard side of town, and I’d like to school the man of that house. She counsels the opposite.

But I am wanting to protect mine. It is not that I don’t trust Kea: I do. It’s not that she’s not strong. It is what I am. Elspeth’s husband would agree.

At first, he thought maybe he wasn’t there even though his car was in the driveway. But nope, he was gaming. Rather than leave, in a moment of pity for the young woman, my husband took a look at everything for her. He finally gave her a few instructions to improve the efficiency of the unit.

He was kind of disgusted though. This gal is a decent looking woman. Young, strawberry blond, relatively fit, very gregarious. My husband can’t imagine in a million years letting a strange man, whom he doesn’t know at all, wander around in his house with his wife while he was at home without making sure his presence was known and felt. I keep telling him no one is checking out a 48-year-old chick so he can lighten up, but he’s not objective enough to hear what I’m saying. That, he noted, is utterly beside the point.

There are certain things, he said, that are minimum markers of sufficiently developed manhood. Among them, first and foremost, is making sure to protect your woman.

Too often, he’s seen too many men fail in that regard

Can confirm. I have those thoughts. Hearthie is normally a cheerful person, though realistic, and she has them to.

I don’t like it when the people around me aren’t chill. I feel like I have to DO something to fix… when sometimes, that’s not my job. I want us all to work together! I want us all to be positive! Let’s make the best of things and help each other! Rah!

-puts down her pompoms-

But the folks who don’t have hope – those folks aren’t cooperating. They’re sitting in fear, feeding it. No amount of pompoms and positivity is going to change how someone whose hope is in this life feels when mortality knocks on the door.

I’ve been letting other people set my emotional tenor. My reactions to other people’s reactions.

I’m not going to beat myself up – in the flesh – because it is natural that my flesh responds like this. It is natural to pick up the vibe when you’re in a crowd (well, not in a crowd, in the grocery store separated by blue tape on the ground). That’s flesh. Okay. That’s MY flesh. -deep breath- But from where should my attitude – and my actions – originate? Not my flesh. Not MY strength. God.

I’m going to have to lean very very heavily on Him to get through this with mercy. To speak, act, and THINK with grace.

Hey, I live in the land of Jandal Fascism… things are not chill.

Yes, I am aware in this feminized time, when “being kind” is weaponized, the old school ways are seen as wrongthink. But in hard times, they will return. These are not hard times from the virus. We may have hard times economically.

If you are wife, caring for your man, the best thing you can do is ignore much of the Pravda coming out. This is Elspeth again.

The easiest thing for me has been to tune these people O.U.T. I keep abreast of my state and local information, and occasionally get a shot of entertainment from snippets of the President’s press briefings. Other than that, we are mostly expending our energy doing home projects, taking walks and bike rides, and watching the occasional movie. Lastly, but certainly not least, I am reading a lot, which includes both things spiritual as well as educational and fictional. Homeschooling, of course, is ongoing.

Of course, as believers, we should always and at all times have our minds turned towards things above, which provides a peace that this world can never give.

Can I remidn the few women who read this that feminism — which is a converged branch of the globalist project is bad for you and your family? I’m excerpting from one of Z man’s posts (hat tip Adam) but leaving it here because it truly affects women moar.

A decade ago, the Cloud People celebrated the fact that for the first time in history, women were the majority of the workforce. Not only were women the majority of workers, they were the majority of managers. They were also the majority on the college campus. Women have been the majority of college graduates for over a decade and now outnumber men in advanced degrees. It is not unreasonable to say that we are now celebrating the first full decade of the gynocracy.

Of course, the celebrating is being done from inside closets and under beds, as the world hides from the virus. America is not just run by women; it is now run by overprotective schoolmarms. Social distancing is just the latest thing in a world now run by childless women. On-line, the harpies have been demanding males with the wrong ideas be social distanced right off the internet. The great purging of dissident voices from social media was a dry run for social distancing.

For young women, the gynocracy offers a short-term elixir of a career, independence and power over her personal life. By middle-age, the elixir wears off and it means a lifetime of lonely nights being an on-line harpy or one-night stand. Many women escape the clutches of feminism to marry and have children, but in the gynocracy, it still means a career, because they have to support the husband and family. They get to pay the price for upper middle-class women feeling empowered.

Of course, feminism has been hard hit by the rise of the gynocracy. The purpose of feminism for close to a century was to give homely women a reason to feel good about themselves. In a world where women are made hideous on the inside by the pointlessness of their existence, but given power over society, feminism has had to find a new audience. In the gynocracy, feminism is now the domain for those born insane, rather than those driven mad by the prevailing reality.

That may be the light at the end of the tunnel. Increasingly, women are seeing the disaster that is modern life for what it is. The slow flowering of traditional women living life as traditional wives and mothers is a little green shoot.

The reason the Ladysphere exist is to allow the new green shoots to grow, well away from the cloud people and their minions from the press.

OK, that’s it

OK. 3400 words of quotes that are not time limited. Hope you enjoy. Me? I’ve got a hill to climb, a family to protect, and various projects and situations to promote. See you next week.