Music for the end of the Lockdown.

I have faith, less in our governments, and more in the people. The people will adapt and overcome.

The Poets are broken in this time, and converged: look instead in the trash heap of popular culture if you don’t have the courage to bend the knee to Christ. So two silent generation and two late boomers — who predicted the decline.

Cohen, now dead, predicted fairly accurately the endgame of the progressive culture. The music is slippery, the words are bleak.

There is a high probability that this kind of ministry will save lives, and not be a form of sarcasm.

We will survive this bloody virus. We may have difficulties with the distortions in the economy and the lack of health care caused by a moral and political panic during lockdown. But the accounting will come.

Bonus, because the ways in which writers work if they are seeking truth should not be disturbed overmuch.