20 April 2020

I had an odd juxtaposition on Sunday night. My mother in law had slept deeply, and missed us doing church by distance at 10:30. So we agreed that we would watch the 4:30 service. The second sermon was about this being a time when you may be called to something else, to a different role, to different goals. We may be redefined in this trial, and that is good. It was a message of hope.

Then we had the news (Pravda One). Fear, Feardiddyfear fear dee fear, fear and a side dish of fear. The new was noise without signal or meaning. It is now a tool of loyalty for the minions of the elite. They want us scared, not seeing a future, with our dreams fragile.

But we are not to fear, if we seek God he will provide.

Psalm 114

114 When Israel went forth from Egypt,
The house of Jacob from a people of strange language,
2 Judah became His sanctuary,
Israel, His dominion.

3 The sea looked and fled;
The Jordan turned back.
4 The mountains skipped like rams,
The hills, like lambs.
5 What ails you, O sea, that you flee?
O Jordan, that you turn back?
6 O mountains, that you skip like rams?
O hills, like lambs?

7 Tremble, O earth, before the Lord,
Before the God of Jacob,
8 Who turned the rock into a pool of water,
The flint into a fountain of water.

This song was played at the end of the servide by our worship team, all in isolation. As the pastor’s wife said, she’s now getting advertisements for audiovideo equipment instead of shoes — coordinating and tuning in people is difficult.

Yes we should seek God, and we should ask for his guidance. Gideon had no descendant of Abraham he could require of, or Urim and Thummin — but he could pray. As should we.

Judges 6:36-40

36 Then Gideon said to God, “If You will deliver Israel through me, as You have spoken, 37 behold, I will put a fleece of wool on the threshing floor. If there is dew on the fleece only, and it is dry on all the ground, then I will know that You will deliver Israel through me, as You have spoken.” 38 And it was so. When he arose early the next morning and squeezed the fleece, he drained the dew from the fleece, a bowl full of water. 39 Then Gideon said to God, “Do not let Your anger burn against me that I may speak once more; please let me make a test once more with the fleece, let it now be dry only on the fleece, and let there be dew on all the ground.” 40 God did so that night; for it was dry only on the fleece, and dew was on all the ground.

I am quite aware that this day, Monday, the Cabinet meets to decide what we will do: 10 deaths, about 1400 cases, 150 odd health workers… but there have been casualties from despair. Those who cannot see that the favour of God will move from your time and your generation to the next.
This is the time we were born for. Let us give God the glory, and not follow the panicked direction of the elite, who want to share their fear and despair. We have a God who would bring water from the solid rock.