Habits to have: Habits to avoid.

This is a series of links to posts about character, for under stress your nature becomes apparent. Argue with your boss. Go into the room and bang the table, if needed. But outside that, you reflect him. Don’t betray him{1]. If you can’t work for him, resign.

There is a reason I avoid work situations and what I do for money here, even though textual analysis would find me.

It is dishonorable to be two-faced toward your employer, to smile at your boss and then badmouth him behind his back, to collect a paycheck and then constantly demean your employer to others. This kind of gossipy, backstabbing behavior destroys the spirit of teamwork, and if you have ever been in a workplace when this vicious spirit takes hold, you know how damaging it can be to the morale necessary to successful organizations. Having witnessed such situations more than once in my career, I deplore the bitchy gossips and childish tattletales who do this stuff. It is disloyal and dishonorable, and if you ever encounter someone in your workplace acting this way, you need to shut them down.

Instead I have to remind myself to be relentlessly positive: particularly when my generally introverted and content nature is under pressure and attack. Structure matters. The Dutch do structure, and as Adam has found out, you have to do it there way or not at all. The Dutch have been through trials, famine, war, and economic collapses. Not all related to tulips, and so we can learn from them.

Jeans ain’t gonna cut it in these trying times. We looking for decorum, people. We need to know that you’re taking this here crisis seriously. This ain’t about individuals. This is about the system and the system needs to know what the system doesn’t know, so we gotta get in there and get in good, dig around somewhat, see what we can come up with, what dirt there is laying around.

There’s always some dirt just waiting to be discovered. Just itching to see its release to the brutal light of day. The dirt is always so gratified when it comes to the light, finally able to show its putrid face. We be doing it a favor, yessir a favor to get it out and up there. That is why we have to be zealous in our work. These non-pants wearing folk just won’t get with the program, and without a program what have you got? I ask you, just what is left if there ain’t no program? Why, anarchy is what you will find and we can’t be having none of that anarchy malarkey around here.

It’s worth noting that Adam and I are antipodean: Jeans and sneakers are semiformal: the usual non work summer attire is shorts and jandals (flip flops in the USA and something else in Aussie). I live in such until it is late autumn and the frosts hit my toes. Kiwis and Aussies don’t do formal well, but we may have to work out how to do so. But, always get dressed. Don’t lounge around in your pyjamas (or worse). Putting on neat clothes boosts morale. The programme will vary, but get with the programme [2]

1. Hat tip Stacey McCain.
2. Adam is handicapped because he is an Aussie and thus has to deal with American Spelling: I am not.