Lockdown fascism II

The family legends indicate that I have ancestors who were Massey’s Cossacks breaking up the 1913 waterfront strike — and that I’m descended from scabs who were involved in shifting goods in the 1951 strike. (The later would have been my paternal grandfather: I think is father in law was the Cossack). Grandig did it in part for the money — he was a farm labourer most of his life — and in part because he hated the class system perputated by the socialists. He had been a stable lad in London. In New Zealand he was a teacher’s husband and a member of the local Hunt in his own right.

We now have a labour government who are thinking of the same options.

Today Stuff reveals that the police have co-opted Aviation Security Officers – those guys whose job it is to watch the screen as your carry on is scanned – to “assist” the police in the exercise of their powers. Think about that for a moment – a person with no training to speak of, and certainly no training regarding , or even awareness of, citizens’ rights under the law – except at the airport – is now potentially empowered to enter your home and demand to know why your brother or your cousin or your girlfriend is there, and if they don’t like the answer, have you arrested by a policeman who is just a cell phone call away.

The hapless and incompetent Phil Twyford blandly assures us that such officers “will not be deployed in situations that may put their safety at risk”. How reassuring. Frankly the safety of such “officers” is rather less important to me than the rights of citizens to go about their lawful business without some person whose usual job is watching a scanner at the airport demanding to know who is in a house and why, with the knowledge that that entirely untrained person is able to call on all the forces of the state if he or she doesn’t like the answer – or maybe just the “attitude” of the person being questioned.

What are the limits of the powers now granted to these former scanner operators? Who knows? For me, these people seem to be uncomfortably close to “Massey’s Cossacks” – farmers who were made “special constables” in 1913, and as with their modern day counterparts at the airport, given the power to “assist the police” or in actuality, back in 1913, to beat up strikers on the wharves.

Back in 1951, the government of the day declared that the country was “at war” with militant waterside workers who were demanding higher pay. No disease was involved, or at least no physical one. Emergency regulations imposed rigid censorship, gave police sweeping powers of arrest, and made it an offence to assist strikers – even giving food to their children was illegal. However, as Rodney Hide has noted, even in 1951 the entire country was not under home detention, and nor were people prevented from going to their family bach.

What is next? Police Minister Nash has announced that “the defence force remains on standby” which means that martial law must be at least within the contemplation of some. Do we really want a cabinet containing Nash and Andrew Little to decide whether it’s time to call in the army “to assist”?

David Garrett, Kiwiblog

Andrew Little wants “hate speech” to be illegal. He’s vague on what this means, but given that I’ve had people complain about previous versions of this place as “taking the Bible as a rule for life” then I am fairly sure it will be weaponized against those of Christ.

It is disconcerting to learn how attractive many intelligent, educated, decent and well-intentioned find an authoritarian surveillance police state. It works well to defeat viruses and terrorism and other threats to society; it is pragmatic and effective and there is a downside. Power tends to corrupt.

Fascism seems so attractive because it is so useful, so practical, so efficient, so pragmatic: it works so well to defeat viruses and terrorists and threats of all kinds.an Enlightened, Scientific, Medical, Technical Expert and Pragmatic Authoritarian government is the ONLY effective means to avoid catastrophe.

The lessons of Bolshevism and the Gulag, Nazism and Maoism including the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution of the 20th Century have not been learned.

Idiots. They have forgotten what Sir Robert Peel knew: one can only police a society with the consent of the population. If the police are seen as an enemy, there will not be compliance. Letting those who put us through body scanners out to patrol shows a lack of imagination. They will be hated more than the traffic cops were.

This will end badly.


Idiots in action.