Lockdown Level III notes.

In the last 24 hours there have been two new cases of the Chinese COVID in NZ. However, the heavy had of regulation is still with us. Or is it? If you look at the reported R0 of 0.4, and the number of cases we have, there would be little logic in saying we need to microregulate. But that is not what the government is thinking.

The director-general of health, who himself indulged in a level 3 takeaway coffee, reiterated: “Elimination is not eradication.”

Bloomfield told Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking today he did not believe he had “got ourselves into a pickle” over the use of the word elimination – “I think we got ourselves out of a pickle with where coronavirus was heading”.

He said the World Health Organisation had praised New Zealand’s efforts, but that also came with a warning “not to take the foot off the pedal”.

Elimination, he said, was not a point in time but a sustained effort – to keep Covid out of the country and to stamp it out as cases arose. “It’s like killing weeds on your lawn, you can kill them all but they sure as heck will pop up again.”

He shared the PM’s aspiration to get down to level 2 as quickly as possible – that would depend on Kiwis’ behaviour over the next two weeks, especially in regards to physical distancing. “That’s going to be the big one.”

We had a takeaway coffee today. Delivered to the front door of the roastery. Payment by contactless card. It was glorious.

What is clear is that the government does not believe its numbers, or is unsure that they can keep people out of the country. So they are regulating everyone, and compliance is starting to fall over.

The last lattes before lockdown, yesterday

Dr Bloomfield reinforced the key messages to stay vigilant during alert level 3, keeping up good hygiene and only going out when needed.Dr Bloomfield reinforced the key messages to stay vigilant during alert level 3, keeping up good hygiene and only going out when needed.

“Yesterday you would have seen have seen some aspects of level 3 were a little bit like the first day back after summer holidays, and also we were all getting used to a new way of doing things, and I think for the most part businesses got that right.

“However we did see pictures of quite large groups of people congregating outside one or two places, I’m sure those businesses involved will be working on their processes today to ensure that any customers waiting to pick up good or services can maintain physical distancing.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also spoke at today’s update and said there were 104 breaches in the first 18 hours of alert level 3.

She said 21 people were prosecuted and 71 received warnings.

In addition, there were 742 complaints made about businesses not complying with the rules, with most concerns around a lack of social distancing. MBIE is now following up these complaints.

Ardern said a firm stance on the rule remained in place during alert level 3.

“We are not out of the woods yet.”

What people forget is that Kiwis are not that compliant. We will listen, we don’t react, but then we don’t do what we are ordered to do unless we can see the reason for it. The current system of daily conferences is not working. Many of us, me included, are ignoring them and switching the news off as well.

Every day at 1pm school convenes as we the pupilsEvery day at 1pm school convenes as we the pupils (if we are game enough to turn up to class) get a lecture from the Headmaster and Headmistress about how we should behave. Who we are allowed to see. How many we are allowed to see. Where we are allowed to go. How far we are allowed to go. What we are allowed to purchase. Where we are allowed to purchase it. How far apart we are allowed to stand. Who is allowed to leave their home. Under what circumstances we are allowed to leave our home.

The lecture over, the baa baa flock of journalist sheep get the opportunity to show what dags they are by asking one inane question after another. You have to ask who’s trying to pull the wool over whose eyes? At the end of the excruciating daily carry on you are left wondering if there aren’t more intelligent dags hanging from a sheep’s bottom. The whole charade is nothing short of an exercise in self grandiose narcissism which the silent majority, who are now starting to speak out, can see right through.


We have only a certain number of weeks this can continue. Regardless of what the epidemiologists, public health wonks, and green advocates say. Because at some point — fairly soon — businesses will raise two fingers to the government and their monkeys the police and open up, to do work. Because the alternative will be bankruptcy.

And this grand elimination will end in a whimper.