The week in reaction.

In NZ we are now into the second week of lockdown — and someone asked what is beyond level 4? The answer was “curfew”. Not sure how that would work at casa weka, where one of us is an essential worker and is mandated to go to work — while another is over 70 and required to stay home. But such are the times we are in. Adam wins the internet this week, not only did he get quoted by Vox Day, but he penned the best description of whats going on over three or four posts. So let’s start in reverse order with this:

Rights? We don’t have rights. We are rats in a cage, in bondage unto death to a system that openly hates and persecutes us. Steve Kates is a straight white Christian male who is openly conservative. He is the enemy of the system incarnate. Why on earth does he think that such a system has any of his interests at heart? His and our only hope is that the system goes down in a pile of flaming wreckage and that from the misery some of us are in a position to be able to build up a society based on truth, something that has not been seen for a very long time.

I feel that my last two posts have been building up to this one. It is not business as usual not because of our current circumstances. This bug is simply the catalyst that has exposed the rotten heart of our supposedly free and stable democracies, the shining political entities which we have been led to believe for so long are just about the very best thing ever.

I can’t begin to count the number of times on this side of the political divide that I have read a comment along the lines of, “we ain’t gonna vote ourselves out of this mess,” in reference to the awful state of our democracies. How many articles have we all seen bemoaning the infestation of our institutions by cultural-Marxist nutcases? No matter what right wing party wins an election in a Western country the outcome is always the same; we simply get a lite version of leftism. The Right never seek to move the needle back against the tide of the Left. Instead they simply shrug and accept the new moral reality. Gay marriage, anyone?

We all know that the system is broken, but you never really believed it. “You passed yourselves off as cynical people but you still have some faith in the system, don’t you.” So when this crisis hit you expected a system which you professed to know was broken to suddenly start working properly, and in a global pandemic of proportions not seen since 1918 but with global trade and travel thrown in for good measure.

Adam Piggott

The idea that you are not subject to the crown and your property is not at the mercy of the crown, is a Wilsonian delusion. Those of us from the Antipodes have seen the damage Public Works Acts can do and the micromanagement of the now fully woke courts. And, yes, it will all crash down. It’s worth noting that Alberta (population 4.4 million) has slightly more cases of the COVID 19 than New Zealand (population 4.8 million). I commented to the family yesterday that I’m glad that the daughter’s family are in a part of that province which is hard to get to. This crisis will end, and the woke will find that their old progressivism is not the new normal. From another person I’m quoting a lot this week, the last dinosaur left in Labour — this.

Whenever the next general election is held: 19 September, 28 November, or sometime in 2021; any party not promising the voters a well-earned holiday from fear, sorrow, frustration and anger will crash and burn.

After weeks in lockdown and months of economic anxiety, the voters will be in no mood for grand schemes and novel experiments. They will vote for the parties that ask the least of them. The politicians who make it clear that the New Zealand people, having done all that was asked of them – and more – have every right to expect their Government to say: “We’ve got this.” Essentially, the winning message will be: ‘You’ve done enough. Now, leave it to us.’ Grand schemes and novel experiments will not win votes, but a promise to “return to normalcy” will.

Left-wing radicals will howl with frustration if the Labour-NZ First-Green Government allows itself to be guided by Harding’s example. The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is, however, well enough attuned to the needs of New Zealanders to let these grey-muzzled old dogs of the Left go on howling. She, too, must feel the need to call ‘time-out’ on unrelenting crisis management and endless decisions – each one more important than the last. She, too, must long for an evening-in with her baby and her man. More than anyone, she must feel the planetary attraction of “normalcy”

She and her colleagues must also understand that if they don’t offer a “return to normalcy” then Simon Bridges and his National Party most certainly will. They must understand that “normalcy” is the meat and drink of all conservative parties: that what people crave most in life is predictability; a world they can wake up to with confidence and enthusiasm. Nothing frightens people more than a world out of joint: a world that no longer works.

Chris Trotter, Bowalley Road

Corona Chan and the current lockdown.

The truth, it hurts

One trouble is that progressive change is failing. Globalism is failing. Our current managerial elite have been tried, and are being found wanting. My leftist friends would say that the left has accepted the neoliberal compromise — let the corporations strip society for profit, but we will have an economic base and be able to promote our social policies — and that this was an error. They were right, it was an error, but the error was that power and greed corrupted the entire political class. Elspeth, from the quite Republican parts of the USA, notes.

In a political climate that is so contentious and within which everyone seems to be stuck in a foolishly binary perspective, I find political conversations very frustrating. When I converse with sincere, well-meaning people who, in their zeal to help the poor, view the left as the least-best option, I cringe. I don’t cringe for the reasons you might assume. No, I cringe because I know that when you scratch the surface of things and watch what politicians do rather than what they say, you quickly realize that the left’s talking points are a mere window covering for a party as beholden to big business as the rabid, pro-corporate, so-called capitalists on the right.

It is always about them. I’m a late Boomer, and I despise the generation I’m lumped in. As a result I enjoy the antiboomer rants. This one from Adam has a fair amount of truth in it.

I would add but this (and I did at his site) the mindset of the world owing you a living and being offended when it is not about you is not limited to those born before 1965. It has infested every generation since, particularly those in leadership. And journalism.

It doesn’t get much more delicious than this. I am stunned at the amount of gall required to write that society is treating the Boomers as medically expendable, this the generation that pushed and advocated for abortion on demand, also known as baby murdering. The Boomers have had it their own way for their entire lives. But this virus couldn’t have come at a worse time for them. They react in outraged horror at the very idea that medical help in this crisis will be reserved for people under 65, when they themselves are the over 65s who will be left out. How can this possibly be happening? It wasn’t supposed to be like this. They are the anointed ones, the Woodstock-worshiping free love sex kittens without a care in the world, baby, hot damn, and it’s all gonna be groovy, man, except the grooviness has to be paid sometime and we may as well make it at your expense.

As always, it’s always about the Boomers. They demand the continuation of the free ride at the expense of everyone else which they have been enjoying their entire lives. The gravy train cannot be allowed to end, no matter what the circumstances. Oh the horror that somewhere a Boomer might be inconvenienced to the benefit of someone from an earlier generation.

These are the same people who told us generation Xs that we didn’t have any experience and were too young as they refused to mentor us and instead outsourced their previous jobs, sowing the field with salt behind them as they moved up the corporate ladder. They’ve been shitting on us from on high for our entire professional lives, but suddenly we’re all supposed to treat them with respect and reverence for their age because a few of them voted for Brexit?

It was the same generation that almost stopped Brexit from happening.

The Boomers are also those responsible for subverting our governments into the tyrannical shelters for matronly nut bags that they have become. We live in a Boomer subverted world. Their endless desire for change at any cost has suddenly arrived with the requisite costs, and unbelievably at their own expense for the very first time on record.

Adam Piggott, Pushing Rubber Downhill

Speaking of journalism, since our doofus Prime Minister decided that weekly and monthly magazines were not essential occupations but daily newshounds were, we have no reflective journalism left. The people who worked for Baume media were senior journalists.

Now redundant, and too old to learn to code.

This is a direct result of the Government deciding not to allow all media to keep operating, but only those they deemed essential. As I argued, all media is essential – especially in times of a national emergency.

The NZ Listener, Metro, and North and South have been massive contributors to journalism in New Zealand. They exposed wrongs, they held Governments to account and they were beloved by many readers.

If the Government had not banned them from continuing, they might have been able to survive. But when you’re banned, your revenue is zero.

Avery sad day for journalism in New Zealand to have so many great magazines now consigned to the scrap heap of history because the Government decided they weren’t essential and banned them from operating during the lockdown.


North and South most recently examined the Lundy case — our current most notorious murderer — and that is their swansong. The places for long form journalism in NZ are now completely electronic.

I won’t forget, but none of the current coalition parties got my vote. I don’t count.

The current required attitude

If you know your Straus and Howe, you would say that this is the time of crisis, predicted, for it is about sixty years since the last crisis resolved. That was the crisis of the boomer generation, now dying and not to be mourned. But the crisis is here, right now.

There was great conflict in words and deeds across the Anglosphere in the 1960s. Coppers used to batter hippies, whereas now they dance with them. Christians used to write the rules in accord with the will of God, now … well.. not so much.

The war that was lost by the White Christian Hetero normies of 1960 was the one they simply didn’t know they were fighting. How could they have known? They were working in paint factories or down mines and shitting in a shack that, if they were lucky, was brick-built and not too far from the house. They had no idea that the ideas of Marx, Rousseau and Gramsci were silently infesting the fabric of our social structures, and even if they did, they had far more pressing and proximate concerns.

I could argue that the millennium drive to bring university education to the masses served a great purpose. It’s shone sunlight on the hitherto murky world of academia. What we’ve seen over recent years isn’t a new lunacy. It’s one that we just couldn’t shine a light on before, though it’s been there for a hundred years, eating our society from the substrate.

The average person in 1960 had no way of knowing what was afoot. The average person today has no way of not knowing.

COVID-19 is in the temple, turning over the money-lenders’ tables. Let us seize the day.

Al Jahom’s Final Word

My music mates went punk, and some never came out of it. By that time the cops were protecting the hippies and bashing them. Me? I was living in a working class suburb, and the police, like the Mongrel Mob and Black Power, were to be… avoided.

At this time, as men, we have to show courage and positivity. It is not a time to turn to despair or self sabotage. We all have vices that under stress will come to the surface, and we need to shun them. If you don’t have a spouse (who generally if she loves you, will give feedback) ask a mate. They generally know what is pissing others off. Change that.

Adam notes that libertarianism is fragile. He’s no libertarian, and he knows they have forgotten that all ideas are tested in trial. Here is an extract: go read the whole thing.

About the only thing of note that I haven’t mentioned is the hysterical meltdown of those on the libertarian side of things to just about any government reaction to the current crisis. You can only imagine what this lot would have been saying when nations enacted rationing measures in WWII. Something along the lines of clawing the skin off their faces as they howled at the sky that these measures would never end and that our “rights” had been permanently taken away.

Our responsibilities at the moment are to sit tight and do our best to not add to the problem. Yes we are suffering some discomfort. Yes, we are also taking a financial hit. Yes, some people are taking a bigger hit than others, either due to their own unpreparedness or suffering the ill fortune of this being very bad timing. But what are governments supposed to do? Take everyone’s individual circumstances into account? Even if they could, which they cannot, exactly why should they?

Our great handicap is that so many of us are conditioned to looking to government to solve our problems. So that when a very big event such as this happens then our only recourse is to scream and shout that something must be done or must not be done as the case may be. But the situation is not normal and screaming at the sky is beyond useless. What we must do is batten down the hatches and rely on ourselves and family and communities first. We must find ways to get things done.

Only when the pandemic lifts will we know in which form the world will exist. Until then it is useless to speculate, and it only serves to handicap what our leaders need to do, for good or ill. They are not perfect but for some reason we expect perfection of them in an impossible situation. Such is the human condition.

Adam Piggott

I’m aware that there is a lot of work being done around the risk of Social Depression — that we will make habits in the current crisis that we will not unmake. That we will not return to normal. Such people say this as a bad thing: I’d suggest that the changes we are making now could be more grounded, more local and a hell of a lot more healthy than the inter-sectional globalism that was the zeitgeist before COVID 19.

Above all, no sniping and no whining. Yes, it is fairly tough: yes, there are people in your close network who will be irritating you a week into shutdown. But hope and courage and acting on plans is much, much better. In short, do more, talk less.

it’s been instructive to see how banning the blackpillers and pessimists not only improves the tone of the discourse, but boosts everyone’s morale. So, it is time to speak forthrightly on the subject. I will no longer tolerate those commenters given to negativity and despair. They will be banned without hesitation.

Hope, whether it is based on a sound foundation of truth and reason or not, is to be vastly preferred to the incessant pessimism of those who are afraid to hope because they fear being disappointed more than they fear being defeated. Those who always ask of every possible positive interpretation “but could it be a trap?” are narcissistic cravens driven primarily by fear and self-absorption.

Things may not always turn out as well as we hope. They almost certainly will not do so. The world is fallen, after all, it is ruled by an immortal and malignant narcissist, and our vision of the future is very far from perfect. But the one and only way to absolutely ensure defeat is to refuse to enter the ring. It is better, by far, to enter the ring full of false confidence and go down fighting than to refuse to enter it at all for fear of being beaten.

Vox Day Vox Popoli

So to cheer you up, here is the son of a Libertarian. I like her: she writes reasonable novels, and she raised her kids while her husband toiled up the slippery slope to tenure. (Both have written books). Their son is following in their steps. So for all the millenial wokesters, we have this cheerful thought: The woke are hated more than the Boomers. At least the sane boomers repented.

For a long time, Boomers were and still are considered a completely dysfunctional generation. But what became clear about 12 years ago, back in 2008, is that the Boomer’s kids (who ranged from teens entering high school to people in their late 20’s becoming a solid presence in the workforce), well, they had something going on. They had grown up with the transition of technology from bulky CRTV monitors to flat screens, from landlines to smartphones, from notes in class to texts after. These kids were connected, they were with it, they were hip.

They became loud. They were the rebels, the new kids on the block, the “New Generation” that politicians should be appealing to. This new world was their world. The boomers and Gen X might have built the technology they were using, but they weren’t using it like they were. Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter- they weren’t just using these platforms, they began to work at these companies, shape them, mold them to what they wanted the world to be. For a long time, people didn’t take them seriously.

But they got louder, bolder, crazier. And the messaging became clear. Two person relationship? How about a 10 person polyamorous mess? Two Genders? How about 58 and counting? Two equally qualified candidates of different sexes? Have to hire the woman, it’d be sexist otherwise. Got any Black, Hispanic, Native American, Asian or Pacific Islander leads in your movie? If not, you’re just racist, no other way around it. Do you like road intersections? Well imagine everyone’s identity is a car, and we all just drove at max speed towards that crossroads until our cars mangled up into a pile of metal and bones- That’s Intersectionality, baby. Now get on board, or you’re as bad as a group of people that quite literally killed millions of Jews.

This craziness was seen in Comics- Spiderman is black now, Jane Foster is Thor, Captain America is secretly part of Hydra and “Occupy Avengers” sounds like a good idea. In movies- where the cast of Star Wars needed more diversity, Scarlet Johansson shouldn’t be leading in Ghost of the Shell because she’s white and the Ghostbusters (Or any vaguely nostalgic property) would be better done if it was explicitly redone with an all-female cast. Even in public discourse- think there’s only two genders, babies in the womb are living beings or that people breaking the law by crossing the border are by definition criminals? then expect a ban on every social media platform.

But over the past year, something happened.

This insane generation, raised by an insane generation, they were getting old. Noticeably old.

The oldest Millennials were about to hit 40.

Worse yet, in all their time being the “rebellious young advocates”, in all their complaining about capitalism and demands for abortions on demand, they sort of forgot to have kids. In fact, the people they’ve spent the past 12 years yelling at in their generation? they were the ones having all the kids. Even worse than that, these kids understood technology in a way the Millennials didn’t. That doesn’t make sense, I mean, they only grew up on all the most advanced technology of this era. But wait, what about the world they’ve presented the new generation with, the ideals they’ve thrown on banners and the things they fought for? These “Zoomers” will at least appreciate that, right?

Oh Sh*t, they hate it, they hate all of it.

Marshall Hoyt

This old fart aims to coach that generation: Generation Z. For Zyklon.

Did I add that comics are now unreadable? I gave up on them before I could grow a good beard. I’ve now given up on mainstream science fiction and genre novels (‘serious fiction’ ended with James Joyce: all else is commentary) and am sticking with military history because that is the last non converged genre. Comics is the canary in the mine: it’s dying, and it is (with the exception of Arkhaven) idiotic.

Sweet Mother of God, but these people are stupid. They are race- and orientation-swapping simply for the sake of looking “hip” and “diverse”, but then they act all surprised when they realise that everyone who is not a whorenalist for the lying (((media))) absolutely hates their absurd creations.

And it’s not just because of the abuse of established characters, canon, and ideas. It is simply because the writing is – let’s face facts – atrocious.

There is legitimate room for topical political themes and ideas to be inserted into mass media. When Kirk and Uhuru kissed on Star Trek, while under mind control, that was a big deal because it was the first interracial kiss on a major network TV show. When Stan Lee’s X-Men series was first released, it was a fresh new take on the idea of superheroes and dealt with teenage angst and rebellion against established order in a very effective way. And when Dennis O’Neil turned Batman away from the campy cheesy 60s version and back to his original dark roots from the 1940s, he did so in part to capture the rising feeling of hopelessness throughout the USA at urban crime and decay.

The difference is that all of those IPs had really good writing with interesting plot lines. The social commentary merely flavoured the overall result – it was not an end in and of itself.

This new Gotham High imprint, on the other hand, looks and sounds insultingly stupid.

The artwork, in turn, clearly reflects the decline in the quality of the writing here.

Didact’s Reach

Go read the whole thing: Didact took one for the team and read it.

The Ladysphere

Kea has given me a wifely serve about carbohydrates. If there are any in the house, I’ll eat them. With an extended family in the house, this is an added temptation. But you need to keep the diet clean and exercise going, men and ladies, though ladies will find a bonus if they can drop a size. This is a challenge, as there is always the temptation of the chocolate coated ginger. But it is a good work she does. As is raising children. From the Circe institute blog:

I have been reading, during Lent, Martin Luther’s Treatise on Good Works, an exposition of the Ten Commandments that seeks to demonstrate how works proceed from and subsist in faith. With palpable joy, eagerness, and wonder, Luther spreads out all the ways faith may be exercised in our lives in this world; he exudes delight like a child dumping out his toy-box. For, he affirms, if we “practice and use faith in every good work and allow it to be the noblest work of all,” then our works, which might otherwise curve us in upon ourselves, will instead lift us into closer union with Christ.

Under the heading of “Honor thy father and mother” comes this exhortation to parents. May the vision it paints bolster hearts, strengthen hands, and renew joy in the midst of the hard, holy work you have before you.

It is true that parents, as if they had nothing else to do, can gain salvation by means of their children. If parents rear them for the service of God, they have both hands full of good works. In this case, those who are hungry, thirsty, naked, imprisoned, sick, and strangers [Mt. 25:31-46] are none other than your own children, for whom God makes your house into an infirmary with you as the keeper. You are to take care of them, give them food and drink, and teach them proper words and deeds so that they learn to trust, believe, fear, and put their hope in God; honor God’s name; refrain from swearing and cursing; and discipline themselves with prayer, fasting, watching, working, worshiping, hearing God’s word, and observing the Sabbath. Then they will learn to disdain worldly things, endure misfortune with equanimity, face death without fear, and avoid holding this life too dear.

Do you understand how important that lesson is and how much good work you have to do in your own house for your children, who need all those things just like people who are hungry, thirsty, naked, poor, imprisoned, and very sick souls? That would be a blessed marriage and household indeed were it to harbor such parents; yes, it would be a proper church, a cloister of the elect, event he kind of paradise about which David speaks:

“Blessed are those who fear God and walk in His commandments. You will be nourished with the labor of your hands; therefore, you will be blessed and it will go well with you. Your wife will be like a fruitful vine in your house, and your children will be like young shoots of the olive tree around your table. Behold, therefore, how blessed are those who fear the Lord” [Ps. 128:1-4].

. . . What was said about the other commandments—that obeying them should happen in the most important good work of all [the work of faith]—applies here also. No parents should imagine that their discipline or teaching by itself suffices for their children. They must be done in reliance on God’s favor, without any doubt that God is pleased, and with awareness that such works are nothing other than ways of practicing faith and encouraging us to trust God and to expect from His merciful will all that is good.

Lindsey Brigham Knott

Let’s put this to bed

THere is a lot of rubbish out there, and I hope that some of this is helpful for those who are out there isolated. The best personal experiment I did this week was (having done a ton of zoom meetings for work) setting up a “family catchup” over zoom. I managed to get four of our five kids, over two countries, and in total four generations on it — though my grandchildren were kind of half asleep. We need to work out how to live in a world where there will be social distancing and limitations on travel. So to finish, something old.