Karen, meet Banhammer.

Well, what is a Karen? Adam has suggestions: they are ignorant. They call you a bogan, for they fear being called that. They call you a racist, because they have no understanding or experience of living elsewhere in within another family.

Karens themselves are the biggest bogans in the world and the biggest bigots in the known universe. They are only able to utilize slurs with which they are intimately familiar so small is their worldview. Because their worldview is so restricted and their experiences so futile, once again they project and assume the same in others.

To which the same Karen, having threatened to get Adam arrested in a previous post, went full retard.

Wow a few fiery comments and I get an entire post on the front page! Wait, I know. Next you are doing a complete drunk podcast on me right? Using superlatives like “biggest” don’t change much in your little “known” universe where you are still just a bigot. A bigot whose precious little bacon strip is on fire at the moment. That’s all I needed. A couple of “taps” and the screams are rippling through the blogosphere. We even have the cavalry to rescue!

By the way, you don’t have a choice to put up with me or not. Because I can “come” post on your precious little blog whenever I want, from wherever I want. Get it? Especially pay attention to the “wherever” bit that’s on fire.

And you will not be able to do anything about it.

So I’ll let you be. But you have to remember, all it takes is just a montyesque flea

Now, I consider this a Karen: female — the flouncing, and the sense of invincibility. The male equivalent is the gamma, but they would write a wall of text. But the Karen is wrong.

This is a self hosted blog. So is Adam’s. There is no management. In the comments section, one has the ability to not only delete comments but ban people. By handle. By email, by IP address.

That is called the banhammer. Once you are on that blacklist, I am not likely to take you off. You need to start again. But once you have blogged for a while, you pick up the verbal tics of the gamma and signs of Karenhood. And you lose compunction about using the ban.

If you appeal to the current web-host I will have a backup somewhere else in a day and the DNS will point correctly in a week.

You would be far better to, if male, look a the aphorisms. If female, go for a walk or hit the treadmill, drop your BMI below 25, and ask your  husband what to do .

My emotional energy goes to Kea. Not to you.