Screenshot tutorial, kde.

The default programme for screenshots in kde is spectacle, but it is complicated. Much simpler is:

  1. Press the printscreen (PrtSc) key
  2. You will either see a dialogue or a rectangle, depending on if spectacle is open
  3. Manipulate the rectangle to include what you want it to. Press enter
  4. You will then see a preview, and be asked what to do Save it somewhere (/home/me/pictures/screenshots would work)

This is how I got this.

On a mac, it is command-shift-4 (the number) but basically the same process from there.

If you are using firefox, there is a plug in that also works. and it is cross platform. Right click inside firefox. Manipulate the square — which often will default to the frame of the picture. Firefox will by default save images in your download folder. Doing that (with apologies to the gunner) you get this.

I find this useful when people link twitter stuff in their website, and I don’t want to link to twitter. Twitter has to die, and the US anti trust people could do that for us. (note that this is a screenshot, second method)

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google should all be shut down for their complete lawlessness. Facebook and Google, in particular, need to be broken up as a result of their illegal duopoly in the online advertising market.

Despite half the systems and people I deal with using facebook as their primary means of communication, I have chosen to have a horizontal profile. I no longer have accounts at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — which is where the church stuff is — Messenger or Gab. I’m not on social galactic. This place is doing OK regardless.

On more local stuff to this website, I am getting a lot (a lot) of attempts to log in. I don’t see them: they are filtered by Jetpack/Akismet. If you don’t get through and want to email, do so. I note that some of the usual suspects here have been able to comment with the current system.