COVID Diary — get outside.

A fair amount of this diary is from the States. The USA is interesting from a detached point of view: because you have 50 states with 50 governments of varying quality and veracity you are getting 50 responses. In general, the Clinton Archipelago is not doing that well.

I did not spot the first of these: Uncle Remus did.

Essentially, many state and local governments are using the pandemic as an excuse to suspend constitutional rights and liberties, and govern by decree. They’re now trying to extend that to the federal government as well, by making it dance to their fiscally irresponsible tune. As the American Spectator points out, “Now that officials have learned they can suspend our civil liberties by edict, expect such “emergency” measures any time there’s another crisis, real or perceived.” I expect that’ll apply to bailouts as well.

I don’t think those agitating for a federal bailout, using the economic misery generated by the pandemic as a lever to apply pressure, have thought this through. If their residents find that government largesse is no longer flowing (at least in the amounts they want); and if they believe (or have been told, loudly and repeatedly, by their politicians) that they’re entitled to such largesse; then they’re going to get out of control and try to take what they want. The results are likely to be catastrophic for law and order, and civil society.

I think the ordinary people of America realize this. After all, that’s why they bought more guns in March than any other month in previous US history. They’re getting ready to defend what’s theirs – and I believe they’re right in anticipating the need to do so.

Peter Grant

It is fairly clear — I am forced to watch state media to keep the peace and everything Mr Trump does is defined as wrong — that the USA government is being blamed for this. But social distancing is easy if you live in a rural area. It is impossible to do so in an urban area: or a school.

The Village of the Damned. Eight coppers talking about social distancing with a homeless person while breaking social distancing.

Via Cataxally Files.

Even as our supposed “betters” are laying in more and more prohibitions, including the disgusting Noisome in California, closing parks and beaches, there are some things we know about COVID-19.

Besides, that is, the fact that it was never as lethal as claimed. We now know why they stomped so hard on “it’s like the flu.” Because, essentially? It’s like the flu.

One thing we’ve found — this has to be the most studied disease in the universe — is that sunlight kills it. So the chances of transmission outside is about zero. (And no, it doesn’t have wings, or hang suspended outside in midair to get you. Honestly, sometimes I wonder what’s in people’s heads. If this virus could do that, so could EVERY OTHER ONE. To an extent, sure. They’re everywhere. If you’ve read H. G. Well’s War of the Worlds, you know that. You also know that unlike something from outer space you evolved on this Earth and have a level of defense against the teeming life of the planet in general. Or maybe you don’t. I found out my kids’ teachers thought if you used water it went away forever, so who knows?)

Anyway, sunlight kills the virus, which didn’t transmit any too well INSIDE the Diamond Princess, in some of the best possible conditions for it, AND with an ideally aged and infirm population. So you’re pretty safe outside. Closing the parks? Demanding you wear masks outside? Yeah. It’s just governors getting their fash boots on.

The other thing we’ve found out is that vitamin D deficiency is the greatest predictor of “will need hospitalization.”

So. By trying to tell you that you’re “better at home” they’re actually trying to kill you.

I suggest you hoist the double middle finger, dress in something yellow (snek optional) and get out, get out wherever we are.

Sarah Hoyt

What is happening is that people are getting pissed off. Really pissed off.

As your humble Devil has been saying for some years, the WHO is not the same organisation that wiped out smallpox—that smallpox remains so famous as the only major disease that humanity has wiped out would be testament enough to that statement. Indeed, wiping out diseases is actually quite hard work, so perhaps we should not be surprised that this organisation has, instead, turned its attention to reducing “non-communicable diseases”—also known as “bullying people about their lifestyles”.

That the WHO has been allowed to pervert its mission so entirely that it sees rolling back the cause of liberty as its raison d’être would be bad enough: but its entirely inadequate response to a real public health issue only confirms that this organisation needs to be entirely destroyed. Lest we forget, in January, as the coronavirus was swiftly spreading around the world, the WHO was still Tweeting about the evils of e-cigarettes.

The organisation is not fit to do the job for which it was formed: as with all bureaucracies, its only real purpose now is to perpetuate itself. It must be destroyed, its staff sacked and publicly ridiculed (accompanied by photos), and the ruins sowed with salt.

The Devil’s Kitchen

This is not going to end well, and those who say that they have had a perfect landing are going to rue this time.