The wokescolds are panicking.

Always look at the denominator, and always ask who beneifits. In the case of that false sin racism, it is the bureaucrats of the anti racist commissions. They need to find cases. Somehow. So the reader needs to remember that there are 4.8 million Kiwis, About 15% are Maori, 10% pacific, and 15% Asian, split between Indian and Chinese mainly. The current Commisinoer is a twit called Meng Foon.

The Human Rights Commission says there’s been a sharp rise in racism in the middle of the pandemic.

Since the end of March, it has received more than 250 complaints relating to Covid-19 and 82 were race-related.

Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon said there was a particular rise in bullying and harassment of people from Chinese and Asian descent.

The proportion of race-related complaints to the Humans Rights Commission include:

30 percent Chinese/Asian
28 percent Muslims
14 percent Indians
5 percent Māori and Pasifika

According to the Human Rights Commission, traditionally Chinese/Asians do not normally report complaints due to cultural barriers, which was highlighted as particularly concerning.

Foon said before the lockdown “there was a big spike in racism. It is disappointing and we must also flatten the curve of racism too.”

The Human Rights Commission noted complaints of racial harassment were happening online via social media, and indifferent treatment for customers of Asian descent in supermarkets.

He said people should not tolerate the ill-treatment of others and encouraged people to record and report any racism to the Human Rights Commission.

In response to battling racism, the commission is advocating for anti-racism government leadership and continuing to push forward a prevention campaign, Give Nothing to Racism.

Foon had also been in touch with school advisory boards to encourage awareness around their anti-racism campaign and to “keep spreading the message of kindness”.

The Human Rights Commission was also proposing a survey for Chinese/Asian to collect data of experiences of racism during the crisis in response to the dearth of evidence. A survey would also capture other racism toward Māori and Pacific people.

He said as the lockdown levels dropped – there may well be an increase again in racism and was concerned about school and workplace bullying related to Covid-19.

“I’m pre-empting that when our Asian kids go back to school there will be an unnecessary blame game. We have been actively associating with the government and schools, keeping them informed.”

Yeah, right. Let’s say 250 complaints to make the math easy. Over 5 million people that his 2.5 per 1000 population. Frankly, with the current weaponization of kindness and the veneral hatred by the woke of Pakeha (who I note do not make Foon’s statistics) I a surprised that it is that low.

I think that the HRC is drumming up business. They need more show trials. So that we will all shut up and be good peasants [1]. What will happen is that there will a nationalist party, and they will see the horror of Wellington converged Foons as a good thing, a compliment.

If foon is lucky, when the payback comes along (and it will, because this wokescolding is a form of virtue signalling, and the poor — which is our fate, given this government — cannot afford this) the commission will be abolished and he will lose his sinecure.

For diversity does not help the tribes of this nation. Any of them. The Anti-Gnostic has a good argument here — and eh would despise my first marriage [2]

The tabula rasa theory of human development is on its last legs. As with any gnostic dogma that no longer explains reality, its practitioners double down on their praxis, in a final ghost dance to revive the old pantheon and exorcise the new gods.

Thus, through the research of the distinguished-looking George Church, the old social lists and patents of nobility return.

This development parallels the decline of the multicultural democracies into chaos and fiscal and military overreach. As their governments become increasingly incapable of maintaining the civil order, people will switch their support to new institutions, syndicates, mostly commercial in nature, but with credal and ethno-cultural aspects as well. The syndicates will draft legal codes and negotiate sojourners’ rights. Equity and membership rights and, importantly, leadership in the syndicates will pass by inheritance, motivating strategic marriages and adoptions.

That’s the optimistic prediction, of course.

Not so far back, I wrote that monarchy was impossible without a cataclysm, an event that wiped the slate so clean it left room for adventurer-conquerors to seize territorial power and bequeath it to their families. I’ve changed my mind as demotic chaos creates, effectively, a new frontier for adventurer-conquerors to exploit.

Like I used to say all the way back in my libertarian days, neo-feudalism is coming, whether the statists or the anarcho-capitalists want it or not.

Anti Gnostic

The children of the current elite already marry each other, and the chinese generally want you to marry within the clan. The Indians have caste, registers, and suitable boys for their daughters. This is not what they preach. But always look at what they do, not what they say.

For this is a crisis, and we will not go back to where we were before.

  1. My sons were both bullied for racial reasons. They are Eurasian, but the wrong way for the Hundu and Muslim new immigrants the school pandered to.
  2. Married into a quite traumatized family that in one branch had paid Poll tax during the Yellow panic in the erly 1900s — while the other branch had fled the Japanese during WWII and now have their ancestral village in a special economic zone (probably now a factory site).