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We left the first crossfit box we were with, and the second went bust. The one we are not attending right now — and as soon as I’m stable in the keto change I want to get back to — is just starting up after lockdown. Good people.

Today we drove past the first box. Closed. And it was the biggest one in town. The financial crisis is starting to bite.

But we are both 10 kg up from Christmas. No excuses: western diet and stress is bad for us. We need to get weight down and that is sufficient stress at one time.

This is week one of the diet. Keeping it simple, this is what we are doing is portion control. You need portion control or you will eat more, particularly if you skip meals and do intermittent fasting.

  1. Cook 100g protein, 100 g vegetables per meal
  2. Cook once a day and split in half
  3. Eat lunch and dinner
  4. Minimise snacks: no fruit

This means — practically, that the 500 g standard supermarket pack (ie one pound) lasts us a day, and the cost of food has gone down. This is important, as food costs have gone up. Way up. We are still producing product, as our freezing works (meat packing places) are open. But in the USA this is not the case.

So, things one can do.

You’re more likely in the future to get meat in cuts to which you are unaccustomed, so, for example, whole chickens instead of a styrofoam tray of boneless skinless chicken breasts. You will be more likely to cook a stew or a roast. Have a plan for what you can do with those leftovers to extend them through another meal. Here are a few quick ideas:

  • Make gravy. If you have a serving of meat too small to go around for all of your family members, consider making gravy and serving it over mashed potatoes. Add some onion and mushrooms to the gravy to extend it even further.
  • Make a soup or stew. This is another way to extend a serving that isn’t quite big enough to go around
  • Mix it with beans and add Mexican seasoning to make burritos or to serve over rice.
  • When you make a large roast, thinly slice the meat for sandwiches and salads throughout the work and school week.
  • Cover leftover stew with pie crust or biscuit dough for a delicious potpie
  • Look for recipes specifically written to use up leftovers.
  • If you have more leftovers than you can use before they spoil, sometimes they can be canned
  • Use up the things that most people throw away. When preparing the meat, if you are cutting away some fat or bone, place it in a bowl and put it in the freezer. When you have enough like scraps of meat, it’s time to make broth from it. You can make hearty broth from ham, turkey, chicken, beef, or pork – virtually any kind of meat. Use the inedible parts and cook it down for hours to get a rich and delicious broth. You can then use this broth as a base for soup or to cook your rice in to add a hit of nutrition.

The Organic Prepper does things we would not. Beans don’t agree with us (and Kiwis get them canned — we don’t have multigenerational bean and chili recipes here excluding the recent immigrants). We don’t have a big freezer and the freezer we have is generally full. Kea prefers (when there is no lockdown) to shop daily and cook fresh. Fresh? We are putting silverbeet in the garden for winter, as is my Dad.

Elspeth linked to this recipe, which is about as healthy as you can make a chocolate cake. But, if you have gained the COVID 20 pounds, you are better, in my view, to go without for a while.

Kea says NO snacks… and the trick is not to bring them into the house. So, throw out the bad stuff — or, if you have a stretched budget, have a family meal and eat it all up, then work clean. If you go low carb and you then eat them there is a very high chance that you will have a glucose crash. Before the diet, we were still ketoish, and all it would take is one piece of cake (sorry E, including that kind) and I’d get rebound hypoglycaemia. Ketosis leads to lower insulin and lessens the risk o fthis.

If you put our intake into a calorie counter, it would add up to around 1500 kcal/d. That’s low. When you are doing that, particularly when (as in this week) you are getting back into a low calorie diet, keep your exercise aerobic. Any stress will lead to you becoming… hangry.

Kea is a saint, because she puts up not only with the hangry, but with me before caffiene loads. Yes, you are allowed coffee, and I recommend the short black.

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1 year ago

(sorry E, including that kind)

No apologies necessary, my friend. You do what works for you to stay healthy. I sincerely appreciate, on the young lady’s behalf, that you linked to her recipe. She works hard to create and develop a balanced recipe collection; things that are both healthful and enjoyable. But keto is a very strict regimen, and I understand that you have to hold the line.

I’m more of a paleo/low carb kind of eater. It feels more liberating. That, combined with IF and drinking (literally) a gallon of water a day helps me keep things balanced and under control. When it doesn’t, I’ll consider keto as a lifestyle.