This week in reaction: this season is our Babylon.

On Sunday I had a phone call this week — the day after I put the Week in Reaction to bed — from one of the bothers. he was worried about me. I was sounding despondant. I was. The loosening of the boundaries had paradoxically made things worse, and less certain. I was glad that one of the progeny was bale to return to work, and all are able to continue with the tasks they had to hand. But then, we had a sermon on the fact…. this season could belong, so own it. We will not go back to how it was before.

As my bother noted, much of our economy was based on tourism and speculation. Both are now at oe with Sodom and Tyre.

What we do now, how we reform ourselves and deal with the bad habits of prosperity, will affect how we manage in the next phase. This applies to us individually, as families, and it apples to us a regions, cities and nations.

But enough about here. Let’s see what has been going down.

It appears that it is a very good time to be ignoring Big Social Media, which has bought mainstream media and unified the message.

April was a big month for censorship. Like a toddler in a Toys’r’Us™, Facebook® and YouTube© decided this was the month to crack down on speech they didn’t agree with. And that speech was from the Left. Just kidding. It’s never a crackdown on the Left. Who did they go after?

Well, David Icke was shut down. I like listening to David Icke, because I sincerely think that he believes that shape-shifting reptilian aliens run the governments of the world. As in Queen Elizabeth II is a secret lizard lady. That is WWE© level of conspiracy, and it sure makes 40 minutes of treadmill time go faster listening to it. But now, he’s gone. His sin? Nothing to do with lizards. Nothing to do with the Queen. No, Mr. Icke committed the sin of breaking the party line on COVID-19.

(multiple charts snipped, but not the memes. They are recycled)

When I first started the weather report, one criticism was that we would never see Civil War 2.0 while things were good economically. And I admitted that this is true. As a people I can see limited acts of disobedience, but not outright insurrection while the economy is good. Full bellies and full bank accounts don’t lead to fighting in the streets.

The economy is in free fall. That’s not an overstatement. There has been no month as bad in the world economy as April, 2020, at least not in my life. Unless you’re in your 80’s or better, this is the worst economic month of your life, too. To find such a disaster in the United States, you’d have to go back to the 1930’s, at least.

Wilder, Wealthy and Wise.

I’m living in a multigenerational family during the kiwi lockdown. The 80 year old, who insists on us watching State TV (aka “Pravda One”) says the last time she remembers this bad was the Polio epidemic. She does not really see the depression but through a child’s eyes.

You would have to be a veteran — serving actively — in the second world war to recall the depression at all. That means you are the age of Her Majesty. Long may she reign.

The Karen meme keeps on going

Well, what is a Karen? This is about the best answer I can find. Note that Karen is a generic upper middle class name for the early middle aged woman, often overly entitled, in the US. It varies with generations.

If your name is Karen, we apologize for this article in advance. But we notice you may have been bearing the brunt of a growing number of people on social media using your name as an insult. Increasingly, “Karen” in particular has emerged as the proverbial name for the “basic white woman” and an umbrella term for a wide range of typical looks and dispositions that scream white privilege. And the recently trending Twitter hashtag #AndThenKarenSnapped has further pushed the “Karen” meme from its nefarious roots to its reigning term as a social media trope.

While “OK Boomer” belittles an entire generation, calling someone a “Karen” conjures stereotypes of mainly for white women in their mid-30s to 50s. The typical “Karen” is blonde, has multiple young kids, and is usually an anti-vaxxer. In other words, she’s the exact opposite of an Amazonian Indigenous activist. Karen has a “can I speak to the manager” haircut and a snarky, superior attitude to go along with it.

While it’s unclear where exactly “Karen” began seeing use as a pejorative, it perhaps started with the Oh My God, Karen, You Can’t Just Ask Someone Why They’re White meme from Mean Girls. Others believe that the popularity of the name may have originated with Karen from the 1989 gangster film, Goodfellas.

The “Karen” meme has multiple origins, each one using the idea in slightly different ways. But, one of the most prominent uses developed on Reddit, thanks to a redditor known for posting amusingly bitter invectives about his ex-wife

The thing about these people is that they annoy everyone. The male equivalent is the Gamma, and even the authorities they appeal to don’t want to deal with them.

Some fellas will suck up to most anything, but many fellas just don’t like Karens. Naturally enough, there are many reasons. You see, most fellas have to work for what they have, to built up their competence and thus their accomplishments. From an early age, boys are taught that performance and output are what is important. By the time fellas get to the Karenage (late 30s thru 40s), many have earned something. Karens try to elbow in on the fellas, sucking much of the air out of the room.

Men who have accomplished something, have a sense of how the world works (and how it doesn’t), who have learned often through the hard way about things have their views used aside by Karens. Of course, the assumption is that Karens have accomplished almost nothing and hence, probably know nothing is not always true, but it often is.

From the same source

Lately, the idea of a Karen has been floating around the web. What is a Karen? The consensus seems to a a late 30s or 40s woman who likes to throw her weight around (in a semi-ladylike (or maybe SIW) manner). The classic Karen move is to be in a restaurant and demand to see the manager because of whatever reason. It is not so much about there being a problem, but more to show that she is somebody to be reckoned with, they she knows what she is doing, and furthermore, she has high standards. It doesn’t need to be a manager that a Karen tells off; it can be anybody. All one needs to do is be a useful other in order for a Karen to pounce.

So how do Karens form? By the late 30s, they have gathered lots of social experience. Being a young women, being the thing that everybody desires, allows them to build up lots of experience and social skills, even if they are not looking for them. Furthermore, many of these skills involve manipulation. Suddenly, their physical attractiveness wanes; they like the attention, so what could they do? One answer is obvious: up their Karen game. They can go high-brow and righteous;, putting on a good show. What is not to like?

So is there a problem? I might suggest that there are many. One big one is that Karens often don’t have much idea of how the real world works. They don’t understand the compromises that people must make to get on with life, what work and struggle really is, having to figure your what needs to be done and making it happen, etc. Untethered righteousness just does not work well in such a world.

It appears that I’m not the only Kiwi who reads Spawny’s space. Kea has a simpler method of dealing with such. She notes they are toxic, acknowledges their issues, and then does not deal with them again. Ever. I pity their cats.

Kiwi Karens are Princesses with a capital P. They all turn on a performance when they are complaining or otherwise holding society to ransom. They are haughty, superior, insistent.

Karens worldwide are like that I guess. The feature of Kiwi Karens that makes them particularly annoying is the poncy faux upper-class English accent they put on when performing. The accent does not exist in England today and probably never did. Its pathetic.

A typical Karen trick is to demand an answer e.g. “I don’t think this is an acceptable quality of service, do you?”

The way to squash them is to copy their accent back at them e.g. “Madam, I don’t think your performance is an acceptable standard of behaviour, do you?

One of the more toxic things such women do is weasel into parliament after marrying into another land, getting residency via marriage, and then destroying their husbands political ambitions. This is half the NZ Green MPs. This is also the Australian Labour party, which has decided that immigration does not work after promoting it for two decades, calling anyone who says that immigration is bad a racist.

As Adam says, she even has the haircut.

But now she has suddenly woken up and discovered that the world has indeed changed, and not for the better. Under her watch, immigration levels in Australia have reached levels that are not just beyond absurd; they are criminal. And as she is less obtuse than her colleagues, perhaps the last few weeks in Chinese pox lock down has provided her with an uneasy awareness that things might never be the same again.

When the architects of the great replacement begin publicly questioning their own dogma then it is a sure sign that some rats at least understand that the ship is in very great danger of sinking.

But we do not need Keneally’s words. We do not need her to justify what we have been saying for some time. Apart from the fact that we hardly need an immigrant to tell us that we need to stop immigration, we should not let her and her ilk off the hook. They created this mess, and rest assured that it is a very gigantic mess. They must be made to pay for their crimes. That Penny Wong is defending Keneally’s call for reducing immigration tells you everything that you need to know. The millions of immigrants did not get with the magic dirt program and transform themselves into Australians. We have created enormous foreign enclaves in our midst who are still beholden and often loyal to the cultures from which they came. And now those responsible are getting nervous.

Adam Piggott

Adam is exiled to Holland: Vox Day to Italy. Both have traveled extensively. Both do not to change the nation of their exile. And both consider that the current elite, who deny any loyalty to any tribe, need to be expelled. The Karen cannot help herself. She destroys social cohesion. She is a net loss to the social contract.

To their nation of birth or beyond the pale. I would suggest they enrich Uganda, but Uganda does not deserve them.

Summaries from the Ilk

I thought I would have a little survey around the corner of the internet that links to here and I link to. The feelings of frustration seem fairly universal, and the Karens are being used to motivate. Because we know that their time is short.

I haven’t been doing well during this Chinavirus lockdown. I miss my friends. I miss my work. I miss the gym and the beach and more every day as summer approaches, while my “leaders” debate whether I can ever be trusted to live a normal life again. One can only do things he doesn’t really want to do, for the reason that he isn’t allowed to do what he does want, before the black dog of depression starts tugging.

Even my blogging began to slack off. It took me days to write my last post.

I asked God for help.

Next day, a new commenter and career feminist named Mary shows up, who believes I’m an ignorant, entitled sexist because I know that God wants Christian women to be pleasant, frisky housewives instead of welfare-sucking academics like her.

Praise the Lord and shred the feminist!

Gunner Q

It’s been another rough week for many of us, boys, and I know that times are genuinely hard for a lot of you. But slowly, things are turning around. We’re now properly into the middle of spring, the Kung Flu is dying down and is turning out to be nowhere nearly as lethal as anyone feared, the God-Emperor is on top of things, and the TrumpCure+++ (Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, massive doses of Vitamin C, and even the Healight) looks like it is working around the world.

We are going to get through this, chaps. This is just a moment in time, and we are going to look back in a year’s time and wonder why the hell we were ever so worried and scared – and we are going to have a lot of work to do to hold to account the asshats who destroyed our freedoms, our livelihoods, and our hopes and dreams.

I have my own ideas about how to do that, of course. No doubt y’all can come up with your own, equally effective and hopefully even more gruesome, ones.

Didact’s Reach

Yes, we have bleak thoughts. But we put them aside. This is a war against principalities and powers which the elite of this world are blind to. They only see the kingdoms of this world.

The Ladysphere and Family stuff

Had to change the name, because I’m quoting more than the girls. In this lockdown, Dads are educating the kids, and it drives the educationalists crazy.

At the end of the day, when I finally sit down to check my email, I get a bazillion nasty messages from teachers about missing assignments, missing test scores, and missing vocabulary words. I just grin to myself sheepishly. My kids know more about the how the world works because of the life I am giving them, than they can learn by being forced to sit still and be lectured for 6 hours.

There’s a part of me that wants to write them back and ask, “What the ћәll do you think we have been doing all day?” Mychael has a hotter temper than me, so I’ll let her do that.

It’s not that I don’t value classical education. I have a Ph.D. My wife is an RN. We believe education is important. But in general, the educator class – obsessed with credentials and certificates – is full of themselves and in panic mode. Not to mention the fact that a person can pour out tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars while earning a degree that in no way guarantees success or future earning potential.


Yes, I am recycling memes from a Wilder post. He has some good ones I did not use about Stoicism.

I refuse to obey rule 5, but linking to nice stuff in these times is a good thing. Stacey’s brother has a series of bird photos. Very nice technique, and lovely avians. E;He also reminds me that if you go evil, you will end up stupid.

Elspeth calls her husband’s wildlife photography amateur, but there is some good shots of things I do not want to see in real life.

The elite would rather . Well, in NZ liquor stores can deliver.

Bookcases are now a cliche in bad videos. Well, some of us, given a choice, do not decorate with wallpaper — Kea can tolerate but one room like that, which is why most books now are e reader files.

The Last of Us has jumped the shark wearing a clown suit. Didact documented the train wreck, so I don’t have to.

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1 year ago

Kea has the correct way to deal with Karens.

So, the word is being used in several ways – ultimately it seems to mean a woman about my age you don’t like. 😀 BUT we had the “older ladies who had a bad attitude” problem in retail back when I was in college… so early 90s. Back then they were identifiable by the cocktail rings they wore in profusion (to the craft store). When we saw a hand full of rings, we’d scatter like cockroaches under a light, and woe betide the one who didn’t run fast enough. He or she would get the stresses of Karen’s day poured out on his/her head because we’d run out of size 10 glitter flakes.

I think you hit the nail on the head with the “woman who used to get a lot of attention and now has to make that happen” phrase. Maybe we can weaponize that and return it to the public service folks?

I too decorate heavily with bookshelves. 😀 Moar Books.