This week in reaction: wash your hand for 20 seconds and keep them clean for Germ X

Things are getting looser here, and the regulators cannot keep up. We have got some distance to go to get to Texas, but it will happen. Note the sarcasm. Handwashing will help, but the thing that will keep the COVID down in the Southern States is that summer has arrived. God bless that solar radiation.

Video of a news report about the reopening of a Texas beach has gone viral. The annual party on Bolivar Peninsula — “Go Topless Jeep Weekend” — was covered by Jordan James of Beaumont’s KBMT-TV, who managed to keep a straight face while interviewing Chelsey Coyer:

“We been in quarantine and like, I need to get out and party. Whoo!”

What made this an instant classic was when Chelsey said, “Wash them hands for 20 seconds and keep them clean with the Germ-X — totally!”

The pushback is also legal. In NZ, our government decided instead to go full fascist. But in places with a constitution, there has been challenges.

What the hell is going on? Is anybody in charge of this situation? Or are we just left with the governor and his talking-head brother ­arguing on CNN about which of the two Ma loves best? (Who cares?)

In late April, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp defied experts by opening his state. The Atlantic magazine, once a serious publication that should now come with a stick of stale bubblegum, accused him of engaging in “human sacrifice.”

You want to guess what happened? Guess, come on, take a guess. Instead of the predicted spike in deaths, the number of cases of coronavirus and associated deaths declined.

We should always consider that we are led by idiots, as one of my friends likes to remind me. Cuomo and de Blasio have no plan. There is not a single question about when New York can get back to normal to which they have a straight ­answer. Not one. They cash their taxpayer paychecks while immiserating the rest of us.

If our elected leaders won’t save the world’s greatest city from a slow death by economic strangulation, then the people of New York must do it themselves. Barbers, tailors, nail ­salons, sporting-goods stores, movie theaters and others should open their doors — while maintaining social distancing, of course — and dare the state to shut them down.

Our politicians serve by our consent; we don’t run our businesses or live our lives by their consent. The suggestion to the contrary is an ­affront to Americanism.

It has been a long time since this country, let alone this city, really had to deal with the prospect of mass starvation. This isn’t about the stock market — it’s about parents putting their kids to bed hungry and hoping tomorrow there will be something for them to eat if they get up at 4:30 a.m. and get in line at the food bank.

We did what we were asked. We flattened the freakin’ curve. There is no longer any reasonable justification for the government to deprive us of our livelihoods. And our rights aren’t the government’s to grant or take away. They belong to us — the free grant of nature and the God of nature. We’re Americans. More than that: New Yorkers, goddammit.

Ohio Governer Mike De Wine.

Ohio’s COVID-19 lockdown is illegal, a state judge ruled today, because it exceeds the powers granted by the statute under which it was imposed. Responding to a May 8 lawsuit filed by the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law on behalf of 35 gyms, Lake County Court of Common Pleas Judge Eugene Lucci enjoined Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton from penalizing the plaintiffs or similar businesses for violating the lockdown, provided “they operate in compliance with all applicable safety regulations.”

In issuing her business closure and stay-at-home orders, Acton relied on a statute that gives her department “ultimate authority in matters of quarantine and isolation.” Lucci concluded that Ohio’s lockdown does not meet the legal requirements for “isolation,” which is defined as “the separation of an infected individual from others during the period of disease communicability,” or a “quarantine,” which is defined as “the restriction of the movements or activities of a well individual or animal who has been exposed to a communicable disease during the period of communicability of that disease.” A quarantine is supposed to last only as long as “the usual incubation period of the disease”—two to 14 days, in the case of COVID-19.

By contrast, Lucci writes, “The director has quarantined the entire people of the state of Ohio, for much more than 14 days. The director has no statutory authority to close all businesses, including the plaintiffs’ gyms, which she deems non-essential for a period of two months. She has acted in an impermissibly arbitrary, unreasonable, and oppressive manner and without any procedural safeguards.”

It is not as if those who are promoting this advice live what they preach.

Death, get used to it

Adam notes that the COVID is not that infective — even in winter, the influenza probably was more lethal. One of my friends has noted that if you have a COVID test positive in the USA there is extra funding for the hospital, and that a number of deaths have been classified as such when they were likely not to be so. And that friend has connections to the academic and financial centres there I lack. John Ringo can and has designed a better plague. Multiple times.

But in its poor performance hides hints of some could have beens. It coulda’ been a contender. And had it got its infectious act together, why, the results might have been out of this world.

Consider that initially the obese were in grave danger to succumbing to its lethal charms. If you were overweight, you were in trouble. No pleas of fat acceptance were likely to counter the very real problem that emerged from devoting your life to being a fat and unhealthy pile of lard when the virus came a knockin’. Most hilarious for me were the pathetic cries of woe from the American black community that this was a racist virus as it targeted their over represented demographic in lard arses and mighty bottoms, seemingly unaware that the contagion had already demonstrated a liking for Chinese males.

About that.

When you think of random Asian men, the image of Bruce Lee is not one that immediately springs to mind. More often than not we’re talking about some limp wristed plasma soy loiterer, the kind who could not grow a resemblance of a beard if his 5″5′ life depended upon it. The Asian folks invented soy and tofu and all those other horrendously unappealing, unappetizing, and more importantly, neutering proto-foods of which they are so dependent.

Have soy will trade in testosterone. There’s a reason that the term ‘soy boy’ has become a useful slur in this day and age, particularly when you consider the unmasculine and pathetic girly boys masquerading as men on our side of the fence.

Think about it; this virus could have killed off all the soy boys and fatties. If it also had included women with blue hair, we’d have been free and clear. This virus was not just genetically engineered; it was dreamed up by someone who really didn’t like a fairly good portion of our collective enemies. Oh yes, some oldies would have kicked the bucket too. But that’s what oldies do and do well. Death is something that we’re all pretty perfect at the very first time round. And oldies are the gold medal winners. Talk about should have been willing to take one for the team.

It could have taken out the woke. God is merciful: he has given them more time to repent. Know this: the mortality rate for the human condition is still 100%. A fear of death is unmanly, the sign of the effete. Who now consider themselves a protected class.

We used to be more realistic. Lay out the dead, give them respect, and be aware that one could die at any time.

I was half-watching a movie, perhaps in the 1990s, so I’m a little shy on details. The movie was set during the Great Depression, and the husband had died. The wife had prepared the body and it was sitting ON THE DINNER TABLE for people to come and see for the visitation. Okay, not sitting. But the husband’s corpse was stretched out where they ate their fried okra and possum sushi or whatever it was people ate during the Depression.

What the heck? “Surely they didn’t really do that,” I said. There was an older person in the room who had lived through the Depression. He corrected me. “Surely they did. Funeral parlors were for rich people. And what are you gonna do, put him on the floor?”

Wow. I guess the old saying of “dust bunnies don’t mix with the dead” is true.

The Wilder

The Grammar wars or the ride never ends

The UN is the converged. They do not understand the glories of our language, and the ability to poetically and with gradations describe our relationships, our vows, and our people. No man should listen to these tin eared tyrants.

The UN has gone (again) all gender mad, by explaining to the English-speaking populations the error of our ways.

I suggest to all my reader to give their contribution to this worthy cause, and be mindful of the recommendations of the UN, with a slight twist:

  • always use the gendered noun (e.g. “husband” instead of “spouse”)
  • never add the other variation (e.g. “his” instead of the extremely dumb “his or her”)
  • never apologise for doing it.

There is a logic in the English language. It has always been common (and in Italian, too!), to make a general plural with the masculine, not the dumb “his or her” or the even dumber “their”.

Example: “A citizen desiring to obtain a passport will be invited to complete an application form stating his name, date, and place of birth”. It’s easy, immediate, traditional, and correct.

It makes one laugh that all those “his, or her” of the Monthy Python clip have now become, besides the gender madness itself, common fare among people who should actually use their brains.

The good news is that the schools in the Northern Hemisphere are not opening and because of that parents are learning to homeschool. The universities will implode, and they will probably take the high schools with them.

Taking a short term economic hit that was inevitable anyway thanks to the debt situation is a very small price to pay for killing the two primary engines of evil propaganda in the USA. And Corona-chan hasn’t exactly been good for the media or Hollywood either.

Best pandemic ever.

Winter is coming

Kea is encouraging me to expand the means in which I leverage my expertise, with the aim of cutting down my main job: there are risks both ways. I agree — get rid of debt. If you are struggling with your mortgage, sell now, not tomorrow, and rent or downsize. If we had over bought we would be doing that now.

Because deflation is coming, and in deflation debt is slavery.

Bottom line: try to reduce your debt. If you’re in debt, as in you have credit card/car/mortgage payments each month, your creditors are in control and if you lose your job you’ll lose everything. If you don’t have debt, you only have to worry about losing your job, i.e. you can whether a financial crisis more easily. Next, learn to live without using credit cards, and if you think that’s impossible, talk to your grandparents, or people who paid cash for everything, including houses and cars.

To achieve that, they made sacrifices, as they didn’t buy a new car every 3 years on credit, they lived in a small house compared to today’s standards, etc. but they also were debt-free. Living credit free is basically simplifying your life, as in living in a smaller house, living without a car, renting instead of owning a house (forget about mortgage payments, repairs, maintenance, property taxes, etc.), eating at home instead of eating out, less stress, more time to learn new skills, and that translates into less debt to worry about.

While reducing your expenses, you must also start working on Plan B (alternative income sources), and ask yourself what will you do if your hours at work are reduced or you lose your current job? You can consider starting your own home-based business if you have a hobby, and turn it into your second source of income (read my previous article on that issue). Ideally speaking, you should have an emergency fund to last you for at least six months, but that’s a very tough proposition in this economy. You can start doing it now and contribute an amount each and every month. If you have money in your bank account, it would be wise to cash out and keep the money at home. Banks always have liquidity problems when SHTF and this may lead to you losing access to your money.

One of the Ladysphere women comments.

But for our family, especially with the meat prices rising (we aren’t afraid, we have a freezer stocked with meat that could last for months and months if needed), this many eggs are something I know our kids will eat that provide the nutrition of fat and protein. It’s good to buy from local farmers or places that can get you a good price, and buying in bulk usually means a better price. Our regular local HEB had just 1 dozen eggs priced at $6.50, which was a terrible price. I purchased these 15 dozen eggs for only $13 !!!!! When the corporate world tries to mess with you, go local, go to the farmers.

I would add portion control. Plan what you are eating. if you are going into an emotional situation, eat first.

Relationships and the Ladysphere

We are in a situation where we cannot meet functionally. The small church zoom group that we go to (Church is a youtube subscription at this time) is older couples, and we are being encouraged to work on relationships. So they have a discussion on listening, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude and working on supporting your wife or husband. So far, so good. Until people start talking about witholding forgiveness, and mirroring.

Mirroring and therapeutic techniques have a place. When doing therapy. Otherwise, they freak me out. I am quite aware of my sins and the times I’ve hurt Kea, and when people talk in detail in groups — well Kea said I retreated into intense sperginess. I was frightened.

Because in our churches and in society, destroyed marriages is deemed acceptable collateral damage.

All this has made me realize that my sin is deeper than anything on the conscious level of my awareness. It is my nature. It is well-established. It is institutionalized. Until I can figure out who I am, and what the object of my faith is, and how to navigate in that direction, through my own brokenness and through this messy life, then sin is more or less unavoidable. And thinking that it could be manageable through my own efforts, is legalism — something that St. Paul continually warned against. I am sure this is why God chooses to be patient and gracious to us as we slowly pick up the learning curve on the trajectory of our own choosing. God never required us to be married, you know. It was our own choice, for better or for worse. Yet in spite of our grievous mistakes and meanderings, God picks up the slack…

I’ve had one divorce. It was hell, and I did not have options at the time — my kids were at risk. I agree that we should work on our relationships, and that we cannot be entirely alone. We need to love them as Christ did — as men, we are commanded to do so. Scott comments.

And so it is in our marriages that whatever drives you crazy about your spouse is yours to love–to integrate into the whole internalized person you married–and cherish them as if they are the most important person you will ever know on this earth. Love, by definition, covers a multitude of transgressions. (1st Corinthians 13; 1st Peter 4:8)

The fact that this Truth is hidden from most of today’s teachings about marriage is not necessarily a surprise to those who read here. The conspicuous absence of this Truth makes it all the more worthy of exploring as a concept. This is because it can give us a starting point for a new type of marriage, one that is in fact, as old as marriage itself. When we receive and give this kind of love, it is much easier to understand exactly how grace works. The other person tolerates so much in us that the only way to explain it is that Christ is in them.

I do not write this today as a complaint about my own wife, God forbid. In fact, recently, I have been struck by details I won’t discuss here how utterly cross-like I am to her.

Needless to say, this is difficult, but anything worthwhile is hard. The elite are a useful example, because you should do the opposite of what they preach and practice. Stacey McCain, referring to the death of Melissa Etheridge’s son from drug addiction, notes that the sperm donor was one of the few rock junkies who survived the seventies, and… he died despite the fortunes of all his quite liberal and woke parents.

A complete waste of life. One hesitates to blame this on Beckett’s dysfunctional family background, when it’s so much easier to blame the genetic legacy of notorious druggie sperm donor David Crosby. At any rate, all that Sixties hippie peace-and-love business has failed again. The Woodstock generation did not teach their children well, so to speak.

We are in a time of crisis, and it may be (I do not know: I am not God) that the previous times of difficulty in our life have prepared us for this time. It may be. One of the Ladies, who has suffered much, comments. She starts by talking about when Abraham was commanded to sacrifice Isaac, he provided a ram instead. Her fear was that her children would have a safe foundation and financial security. But instead…

God, for reasons only He knows, did not provide a “ram” for my daughters; rather, they had their whole foundation ripped from them when their Dad decided to leave, and then continually so over and over again through the years until his death as he repeatedly did terrible things to them. And our financial security was ripped from us, never to be returned.

Even if God doesn’t provide the ram … protect us in the furnace … will we still choose to worship Him? Will we still choose to forsake all other gods, lures, cures, helps, or whatever we can come up with that replace our Holy God, and choose to follow, honor, love, and worship Him?

While the short trials in life are difficult, they come and go and can easily be filed into compartments we don’t often have to look upon. But those never-ending trials, the ones that drain us daily, that deplete us, that suck the life from us, that turn us on end, that have no end-date in sight, that make us feel trapped and suffocating, that have no answers, and that God doesn’t seem to provide answers for . . . those are the hard ones. The ones where you know what has already come before will take a long time to heal, if healing is even possible this side of eternity . . . those are the hard ones.

All through history there have been times of extreme . . . extreme famine, extreme plagues, extreme war, etc.

Is God still God?

When we have been stripped of everything, when our emotions are shredded beyond repair, when we’re so exhausted we can no longer stand, when there is nothing we can conceive to give us hope that *this* will end … is God still God?

What do we choose to believe?

For the record

God is still God, it’s just that the elite have gone crazy. I expect at least a 30% decrease in the GDP locally. I also think Cappy is wrong — as a decrepit Xer partying in Vegas, he forgets that Vegas is cheap thrills for the poor. Regearing the economy will require a fair number of firms shed every non essential staff member, or they will go bankrupt, and the person who buys those assets will not care about teh diversity.

Yes, Cappy, the poor. The rich come to NZ to party, and that ain’t going to be happening for 18 months if we are lucky. I think mass tourism is now one with the dodos.

Vox is probably correct: this is going to be a deflationary time. Cash is king, and debt will kill.

Some predictions.

  • Schools will be avoided, because the amount of abuse tolerated or performed by teachers will become apparent. They will be for the very rich (Private schools can sack teachers and elite parents ensure their kids are preserved) or the very poor. The middle class will avoid them
  • Those with a needed trade will cut their fees and survive
  • Those who rely on passive income (investments) or rentier income (fees for certification) will not
  • The state health system will deteriorate. (Note for Kiwis: a closed border means we cannot import doctors and nurses, and NZ exports its own graduates to richer fields — Australia, Canada, and England). Have enough money or insurance for any maintenance you need (Hips, bypass etc) and support.
  • Divorce will be shunned, because solo mums can’t homeschool and earn
  • Many nightclubs will close, and many pubs as well. People can’t afford the night out
  • Ditto restaurants. Cafes are cheap, and people will go there or KFC for treats
  • The diet industry will find we are on the Venezuela Plan, in calorie deficit, and will become a plaything of the rich

People will not have disposable income, and if they have it, they will either buy a paperback, put it in the collection plate, or get a beer. Authors need to remember what Heinlen knew — he was fighting with the pubs for disposable cash, and most people did not have that much.

I should note for those of you in the North is that you have summer coming, which should stop the virus cold. Down here we should not boast. It is Late Autumn, and the flu season could have a COVID 19 spice to it.

See you next week.

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Will S.
1 year ago
Will S.
1 year ago

I don’t know where Beautyon got his info, but the one on the left is not Patty Hajdu, Canada’s health minister.

1 year ago

An excellent collection.