A correction

My sailor mate writes concerning my speculation on the port and my theology.

He is correct abort the geography and Paul’s attitude. I should have been clearer. Paul had been shipwrecked three times: one rough ferry crossing and we are flying to Stewart Island next time.

The port Paul’s ship was trying to make was Phoenix [modern day Fenix,
Crete] not Fair Havens, they’d already clawed past there.

Fenix is not a port as such, more of a shallow indentation within in a
bay. Still vulnerable to the Nor-easter hunting down off the mountains
which blew them in the direction of Libya and Malta.

Attributing fear to Paul would be a long bow to pull, more of a
foreboding in light of having been shipwrecked 3 times previous to this
voyage 2 Cor 11. 25. A man after Jonah’s heart.

Perhaps they brought him into the discussion because he’d been wrecked
more than them.

The ship’s pilot’s ambition to make Phoenix and winter there would have
been an interesting lockdown had it happened. 276 souls on a ship in a
rocky inlet where even the goats do it hard.