Friday Fitness Fulminations: Lockdown with KFC week 2.

We managed to finally get a more accurate set of scales that calibrates itself every time from one of the NZ suppliers: getting such from overseas is impossible at the present moment. Comparing this with the old scales, there was a one kilo variation in weight. The old scales were lighter. Kea is quite irritated.

As far as fitness is concerned, less is being done. I’ve been given a large amount of work we have been helping Tui, Kea’s daughter, complete two or three assignments for polytech.

It looks like we need to remain 2 m apart if we move down a level in social distancing, and no more than 100 can meet for any reason. This is going to make it very difficult for the average gym.

I’m not sure if the current model of intensive coaching (Crossfit and similar) will survive these restrictions. Given that the owner of our box is a decent person, I hope this is the case. But there are

I would certainly limit my exposure to other peoples’ sweat and exhaled gases. I don’t plan to do any public gym workouts, and now most gyms have closed temporarily or will likely close across the country as the virus continues to spread. There are tons of things you can do in your home or your yard or even in a vacant field.

This is the perfect opportunity to get outside, get some sun (or cold), and move your body through fresh air. The fresh air will reduce the risk of transmission, as will the lack of people around you. The sun will increase nitric oxide, which showed some effectiveness at reducing the ability of a related virus—SARS—to replicate. And exercise is a great way to improve your overall health and resilience, as well as get out of the house and out of your own mind.

Mark Sisson

What I am remembering most days is to at some point lift something. Mainly myself: do pushups, airsquats, and stretch. Kea and I are hoping that next week we can walk the dogs more. They need it as much as we do. There is a limit to what we can do in lockdown. If we can keep our diet with as few carbohydrates as possible, then we will survive. If we fall into the fast food in this time in Lockdown with KFC, we will fall over.

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1 year ago

I’m having a hard time with this. I lift heavy things for a reason – I find it entertaining and it doesn’t require me to flex my foot much. I *had* to get out of the house yday and took the long way ’round the block (over a mile, very steep) and today my foot is having Words with me. It’s just so frustrating. Have moved to IF and am skipping breakfast, which is keeping the scale behaving – but not dropping.